Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 'Shoppe' is sold!

 It's a bittersweet feeling ladies!
The building our shoppe has been housed in for the last 5 years has sold.
We are glad to have found a buyer...
but there truly are soooo many sweet memories
these walls hold!
I thought I'd share some photos with you
of our shoppe just in case 
you never were able to stop in.

My sweet friend Nancy when she came to visit me.
My '5th' child Raigan Hatch with Ashley. I couldn't keep the girls' friends away while they were I just adopted them and put them to work too!
Ashley working in the  back stock room. I can't begin to tell you the 'fight' I had in keeping this room organized!

The outside of the shoppe

The Guitar Man posing for me.

 Thanks to all of our customers who supported us while we were open.
We are still on the road traveling all over the country to
Quilt Shows here in the US.
So come and see us!
Check us out on our website too!

Toodle - Loo,



  1. Oh I want to live in your quilt shoppe.
    I wish I could have visited it. No wonder no one wants to leave when they enter.

  2. That looks like MY kind of QS!! Just gorgeous!! So sad...just like retirement...SLAP ME!! Retirement is wonderful!! SO you will have more time to actually quilt!! Take care and keep smilin'!!

  3. Congratulations as you celebrate a good thing - you'll always have your memories. :-)

  4. This post just prompted me to go and visit your website (don't know why I haven't before)where I read you 'About' page. WOW - what a life you've had!! It gives me more of an insight as to how you must be feeling at this time. One thing I can see though is that you have been truly blessed in finding your Guitar Man!!
    Teresa x

  5. Such a beautiful quilt shop. Enjoy your travels :-)

  6. Hi John'aLee... What a lovely quilt shop... I would of love to shop there... All the nooks and crannies to poke through...You work so hard to have a lovely place... You have so many personal touches there... But, as you said you have lots of sweet memories there...I wish you well, and Happy Trails.... :)

  7. It looks like a beautiful place. Good luck with your new ventures.

  8. Sigh...I wish I could have gone there, it looks amazing! I hope it doesn't get torn down, the woodwork around the doors and windows is amazing!

  9. Your shop was wonderful, just the kind of shop I like to visit and dream of owning. Since I can't visit the brick and mortar store, you'll lovely online shop will have to do....maybe we'll meet at a quilt show someday, wouldn't that be a hoot! Best Wishes!