Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story.
For  my first post...
I thought I'd share the
first ever pattern I designed.
"Meet Me In Paris"
I had no idea that this quilt
would not only put me into business...
but that thousands of people
would buy kits and patterns for it.
We continue to kit it up in all different
colors and it continues to sell.
It has quite a story behind it...
If you want to read it stop by HERE!
It not only is a fun quilt to make...
it is EASY!
So many people have shared their
own Meet Me In Paris stories 
with me now...
and it continues to bless me.
And to think I almost didn't finish it!! 


  1. Oh my goodness! It is beautiful! And how special that it was your very first pattern...

    Jennifer :)

  2. Beautiful as are all your quilts!!!!

  3. Hi John'alee... Maybe I will be able to start my quilt after the Holiday's... I am still working on my Christmas gifts... I just love the pattern... Keep up the great work...and keep the pattern's comming... Just Love your work.. :)

  4. It's a lovely quilt for sure, love the pattern. Thanks for your lovely and encouraging comment on my blog, I appreciate it very much. I just discovered your blog, thanks to your visit to mine. I will come here more often from now on.

  5. It is a beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking up to fabric tuesday. I drive through panguitch UT a few times a year! Cute little town.