Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Findings Around Blog Land

In traveling around Blog Land this morning I found some goodies I just have to share with you.
Jan at Quilt Walk Talk posted a darling quilt she made from one of my patterns called Pinkilicious that is just so yummy!

She also made it in a different colorway:
If you are interested in ordering this pattern Click HERE!
Also...if you haven't checked out Susan Branch's website ... you must. On THIS page she has FREE wallpapers that you can download to your computer of her darling artwork. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter too!

And there's a chance to win a FREE Accu Quilt GO machine over at Sew Create It. Check it out: HERE!

I've got to get into the Sewing I'm going to sign off for now.
Have a Happy Day!


  1. Both quilts are very nice. Thanks for showing them to us.

  2. That's a lovely pattern. You have a wonderful imagination. Despite the fact that orange and green are favourite colours of mine I have to say I prefer this much more in the pink. Thank you for the giveaway information on Sew Create It - I've just popped over and entered!
    Teresa x

  3. Hi John'aLee... What a lovely quilt..I love the Pink one and the materials that was used... Pinkiticious is wonderful... Once I finish all my Christmas gifts and then I want to start Meet me in Paris....:) I love your frind's blog and I will start to follow it.. :)

  4. The colors are so sweet in these quilts.
    Love 'em!