Sunday, October 3, 2010

Headed to AQS's Des Moine Quilt Festival

What a week it has been!
I drove down to St George last Sunday night...
thinking I was only going to be gone for one night.

I needed to finish my new 
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe 
Finally yesterday morning...
I trekked it back home.
I spent hours 
at Barnes and Noble...
fine tuning...
touching up drawings...
My sweet daughter in law Melissa
stopped by with the little ones...

Kiera polished off my Cream Puff...

Baby Ryan was asleep in the stroller...
But not for long!
So right now....
Kenny Roy is loading up the car...
I'm finishing up my computer work...
and we are headed to Des Moine
to one of our biggest shows of the year.

This next month is going to be horrific.
There's no other word for it.

We head home from Des Moine next Sunday...
we have 2 days to make it home.
Tuesday morning...
first thing...7 a.m.
I pick up my youngest daughter...
(Story coming....)
and we hop in the car
and head for Mancuso's
Pacific International Quilt Show
in Santa Clara CA.

We come home
and have two weeks...
to get ready for Quilt Festival in Houston...
and we have to have the house
completely packed up
and moved out from!

Prayers Needed!!

The husband is telling me...
to get in the car...



  1. Bless your heart!! Will be thinking of you!!
    Hang in there it has to get better!

  2. Good luck!!

    Cute..cute grandkids...lucky you!

  3. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.....sounds like more fun than work to me! The kids are adorable, thanks for sharing!

  4. Your grandchildren are so sweet!
    The only help I can give towards your busy few weeks is to suggest that you focus on one day at a time and not worry about the whole period. Good luck!
    Teresa x

  5. Girl - take your vitamins - you're going to need them! I'll be in prayer for you!

    You pattern looks wonderful, and your grandkids are just gorgeous!

  6. Good luck with all you need to accomplish in the next couple of weeks.