Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back from our San Diego Quilt Show

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I can't begin to express the feeling
I get 
when I see one of my designs 
hanging at a quilt show.
At this show there was a "Meet Me in Paris" 
out of batiks.
We sold this lady a kit
last year and she got it all done.
I thought it turned out beautiful.
I usually design the kits with floral fabrics
and when asked by a customer for 
a custom design out of batiks
I had my concerns on how it would
turn out.
My concerns are put to rest.
These gals are part of the San Diego Olde Town
Quilt Group
that promotes the arts of
Rug Hooking, Quilting etc.
This is a quilt that is known
as the oldest quilt in California.
They were all dressed in period clothing.
And here are some of the quilts that were in the show.

I am now in St George...
working on my new pattern.
Kenny Roy went on home...
to take care of business...
while I love on these grand babies
of mine for awhile.
'til later....

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  1. Wonderful quilts! I especially love the garden themed one. Amazing fun work!

  2. amazing works of art!
    i especially love the harvest quilt (bottom pic). it appears to have a great amount of hand applique which happens to be my favorite thing ever. :o)


  3. I have t say I am not a Batiks person but that is a very pretty quilt! What a show.. love the ones dressed in period doing some quilting.
    I too love the last quilt but looks like a lot of meticulous needle turn, earned that ribbon. I am a machine applique kinda gal.
    Have fun with those babies!

  4. Hi John'aLee.... You are right ... "Meet me in Paris" in Batiks is beautiful... The lady did a stupendous job in picking her colors... :) I love the lady's sitting around the quilt frame and the quilt with the Garden theme.... It must be wonderful to go to all these shows and see what is out there... :)

  5. ooo, awwww... thanks for sharing the show!