Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our New "Quilt Walk Park"

 It's not often that a town will have a whole park
dedicated to 'Quilting'.

 Panguitch, Utah does...it has it's own Quilt Walk Park.
Part of Panguitch's history is based on

In 1864 when the people were
suffering from hunger, 
deep in the time of winter...
7 men...
started heading out over the mountain...
to Parowan to get food...
for theirfamilies.

As they  journeyed they were sinking
in the snow seeing it was so deep.

One man put a quilt down to pray on.
They started walking on it and
realized it kept them from sinking.
So they literally flipped quilts 
and walked on them until they arrived.

There is a good ending to the story as well.
They arrived safely back...
with food for their families.

Claudia Crump...a diehard quilter...
is responsible for  making this park
as well as the Quilt Walk Festival.
Every year...
it takes place
the second week of June.

She and several others through bake sales,
donations, and what nots
raised the thousands and thousands
of dollars needed to create this park.

If ever you are driving through...
you must stop and check it out.
There is a bench dedicated to each quilt walker.

Here are pictures of the Dedication of the Park
This is the quilt block  that is present all over the park.

To read more about the Festival Click: HERE!!

So if ever you are driving through Panguitch...
stop in and see this...
one of a kind park...
in the Zion Bank parking lot.

I must tell you all that this is 'why' we moved to Panguitch.
I couldn't believe a town with this kind of history
didn't have it's 'own' Quilt Shoppe.
And now sadly...we are having to move on.

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about their 'sewing' projects.
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I must get back to my pattern writing.
I'm frantically working to finish
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.
Sitting my bootie down here at Barnes and Noble...
where the husband can't find me...
nor the kids...
nor the grandkids!

Have a sweet day!



  1. What a wonderful story - and great photos too! Thanks for sharing! And, I just love the photo in your header - really beautiful!!!

  2. This is just wonderful. I never thought I would happen through, P---whatsit Utah, but it will have to go on my itinerary for that day in the future when we drive the backroads. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. Amazing history! what a wonderful park to enjoy.

  4. This is amazing. I would love to visit this park.

  5. Fabulous story...I am so glad that you linked up. You definitely aren't in trouble. Good luck with your pattern writing, that is the least fun part as far as I'm concerned!! :) Thanks for linking up, see you next week!

  6. What a lovely way to remember the story! If I ever get to visit The USA it would be to see things like this and not the usual Disney World/Las Vagas that most people seem to visit from the UK.
    Teresa x

  7. Great story, and what a wonderful park! It looks like an interesting place indeed.

  8. Serious? I love this! I am adding it to my to-do list next time I am in Utah!

  9. We drove through Panguitch this past June, but the Quilt Walk was over. We came too late. I loved the town. I love the old restored homes. It snowed as we went around Panguitch lake on our way to Cedar City. I love the "Quilt" story too. Thanks for the dedication of all of you who work so hard to keep the historical story alive. What a great tribute to the early day Pioneers - your quilt walk!

  10. Hi "mom"...whoever you are!! Thanks so much for stopping by. I tried to email you back but couldn't find an address for you....so I'm posting here.
    Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your story of Panguitch. And Claudia and the others truly do put in of their own free will, time and energy to make this Quilt Walk what it is...and to keep the story alive.
    We do appreciate all you who have been able to at one time or other celebrate the occassion with us. You will have to make it to Quilt Walk some day!