Monday, September 13, 2010

We are Moving!! Nashville we come!

What a weekend!
Many, many years ago I had 'a' garage sale...
and swore I'd never have one again!
But seeing we have decided to pull up stakes
and move back East....
the 'Guitar Man'

promised me 'new' whatever I wanted...
if I wouldn't make him haul all of 'this' stuff 'here'
across the country.
Can you believe...I made $7,700!?
I'm still in shock!
My dad has always said that I could sell ice to eskimos.
(I guess it comes from being a single mom for so many years,
raising 4 kids on my own...
and to feed them...
I had to go and knock on the 
'society of the elite's' doors 
to convince them they needed my design services even though I didn't know what I was doing!
I was a stay at home mom 
with no college education...
but I did know how to sew curtains!
 A momma bear will do anything to
care for her little ones!

So on Saturday....
people were running in and out of my house...
pulling pictures off the walls...
begging me to sell.
It was crazy...
the more I said 'No!"
The more determined they were to change my mind.
They wanted my antiques...
They wanted quilts, sheets, pillows,
lamps, gadgets and on and on.
I named my price...
and they gave it to me. 
The hardest thing for me to sell...
was my first ever purchased antique...
a ladies secretary
the buffet and table and chairs 
I bought that the kids grew up around.
But as the 'Guitar Man' says....
everything has a price!

Girls....the surprising thing....
it's kind of been therapeutic...
to get rid of sooooo much stuff!!
Boxes of fabric scraps...
that I was going to 'someday' make a quilt from...
(don't worry...I still have my stash!!),

yards and yards of designer upholstery fabric
I was going to 'someday'
recover my antique couch and chairs with...
Now think of all the work I've saved myself! 

Awww...just thinking of a simpler...
clutter free....
makes me smile!


  1. Wow, that's incredible. It's really great to live a simpler clutter free life - we made many changes five years ago. Congrats on the big move.

  2. WOW!! About the move AND the garage sale! Holy cow - you made lots of moola for nice new things and a great trip cross country!! Are you moving so hubby can get into the music business?? Wow - that is quite the move - like mine this summer from Maine to Texas. It will be quite an adventure! I wish you safety and lots of new experiences! What a great memory maker this will be - enjoy!!

  3. OMG! Is this a surprise move or have I missed something? Wow, you are adventureous- that is exciting news. I want to know more!

  4. Wowza! What a huge move! When does this happen?

  5. Wow, how good that must feel to just let go! I wish you the best with your move! I love moving... my family thinks I'm crazy! I say "change is good!"
    Blessings, Kimberly

  6. WOW! That's some garage sale, lol! How exciting - I'd dearly love my hubby to say that to me [he's the hoarder in the family, lol]. That is a huge move!

  7. Gosh, big changes are certainly afoot! I hope you have a successful move and are very happy in your new home!
    Teresa x

  8. seriously? How could you have a yard sale and I didn't know about it? When are you moving?

  9. Wow! That was some garage sale! Downsizing is good. It won't be long and you will have something that is dear to you!! I am sure they wanted to get their hands on your quilted items!! Now that would be valuable!! Blessings for your move.

  10. Hope your move goes well, it sounds like you are on the right step! We parted with so much 2 years ago when we bought our first home, and it was freeing, actually, you are right! Thinking of you, pokey

  11. I have to join the rest in saying WOW, I would say that was a great garage sale. VBG Congratulaion on your Move East to Tenn. I am sure you will love it there and I am sure you know what a great show they have there tooo. Safe travels back East. I love you Pink quilts. Hugs Judy

  12. now *that's* a garage sale!

    i believe there's such sweetness in your future, choosing new furnishings and accessories for the next season of life.
    i for one (among many) am looking forward to what life shows you and how you respond. it'll be all wonderfulness!

    jAne from tickleberry farm