Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Morning!! A Lovely Day to Spend in the Sewing Studio!

Yesterday was my son's 29th birthday.
I can't believe I almost have a 30 year old son! 
Where did the time go?
Here he is working our booth for us.
I'm pretty proud of him! He was a piece of cake to raise compared to my three 'darling' daughters!

I love mornings like today....
when a comment from one of you....
just starts my day out with a smile!!
I am looking forward to spending the day sewing.
I have the applique pieces for the third block
in Buttercream Summer
all ready to go...
I am missing one little 'red' petal at the bottom...
I know I made them all...
That's what happens when I am transporting
my work all over the country.

And now I will pull out the light box...
and trace the embroidery designs.
I just have to show you what all three of these blocks look like together:
Oh this is going to be so much fun figuring out the borders...
I'm tickled....buttercream over them!
I was thrilled at the San Diego show...
to take several more sign ups for it.
If it is something you are wanting to do...
make sure to get signed up HERE
before they are all gone!

It is also on my 'to do' list today
to finish the instructions for the
"Meet Me Under the Mistletoe"
and do the photography
so I can get that out to 
all of you who ordered it.
There is still time to Pre Order  it
and not be charged the shipping
until September 30th.

And the final thing on my list today is...
to finish the instructions for Block 2 
of Buttercream Summer.
I just had to finish this post with some pictures of my latest grandson. I know the last one isn't the 'perfect' picture...
but he looks like such an angel in it.

So my friends...
off I go...
for a walk...
and then to the studio.
I will meet you back here later!
Hugs until then....


  1. such a precious little man!
    you're so blessed - i look forward to grandbabies. someday. hopefully. :o)

    .l.o.v.e. the applique pattern.
    one of my favorite things in the world is hand applique. hard on my eyes but so worth it.


  2. Oh...those blocks go together wonderfully...

    what a cutie.

    Happy Birthday to your son...I only had sons but I have dealt with the YW at church and I do think boys are a piece of cake.

  3. I just love the fact you have your grown son helping you! I hope one day my sons will be helping me too. I love the applique patterns and the booth is so cute it would have me stopping by. Cute little one too! Stephanie