Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good News!

Thank heaven for little miracles!
Everything is 'okay' in the
lump department.
I just have to go back in 6 months for another
mammogram and sonogram.
Girls....get your check-ups.
Nothing can compare to peace of mind.

Yesterday after a brisk walk first thing in the morning
I decided to sit my bootie down
and make some headway
on this 2nd block
for Buttercream Summer.
I popped in Project Runway
Season 5 into my laptop
set up all my embroidery threads,
scissors, needles etc up
and away I went to work.
I just about finished  it...
simply by sitting about 8 hours
in the chair!

On a sad note.....
remember my friend ....
the mayor...
I wrote to you about...
who found out she had lung cancer?
She passed away the other night.
We were all devastated!
Brooke and I went to the viewing...
I lost it when I saw the rag quilt I gave
her in the casket with her.
Her husband told me she took it everywhere
with her and was wrapped up in it
when she passed away.
You know...I am usually the best procrastinator...but this was one time I didn't. When I heard she was sick...I immediately wrapped this quilt up and took it
to her place of work.
And I am thankful that the one time
it really did NOT procrastinate...
I humbly came through.
If it is on your mind to do something nice for
You might miss your chance.
Janet...we will miss you so...
you were very dear to us all!
My beautiful Brooke and I headed out to the funeral. (I told her to act like she loved me in this picture!)

Again...gals....if you feel something
is wrong with your health...
go get checked!!

On to the Stitchin' Studio....


  1. The flower cart is a wonderful piece!
    And I am happy for you that test results are good. I have to keep on eye on things myself and it is always good to have a happy result.

  2. I'm glad the test result was a good one. Keep an eye on things!

    Your reminder to not procrastinate was a good one...I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. Thankful for you, and the reminder. I'm sorry for the passing of your friend, aren't you glad you gave her that last gift of comfort! That is so touching that God used you that way, and you didn't even realize until the viewing. We never fully know His plans, sometimes.

  4. Blog looks awesome mom!

  5. Glad you got your work done but gal 8 hrs sitting on your tosh???!! ;-)
    So happy you are good to go for another 6mths . I have 2 dreaded check ups coming up as well.
    My condolences to you on the loss of such a good friend and wonderful person in your community. How wonderful you were able to bring comfort and grace to her with your gift of a quilt. We just never know when or how we touch others in this road called life.
    Big Hugs to you!
    That is an adorable pic of you and Brooke!

  6. Happy and sad new altogether. You must be feeling a bit mixed up at the moment. I'm glad you got the all-clear, and to know that you helped to give a friend comfort in her last days must be a little consolation.
    Teresa x

  7. Hola he visitado su blog y me ha gustado mucho
    Saludos desde La Linea Mayte