Sunday, September 12, 2010

3rd Block in Mystery BOM (Buttercream Summer)

I'm so excited to start the 3rd block in this series!
I haven't figured
out the name yet...
but I do have all of the applique pieces cut out
and most of them ironed down ...
ready to be placed on the block.
When I showed this the first time at the 
Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival...
I was so surprised when
2 different shoppes
approached me about carrying the pattern.
I only had one block done!!
(I do have a great wholesale business going 
as well as the retail...
but this is just the first time
someone has ordered something
without knowing what the
final product would be.)

The one shoppe is going to do it
as there own Mystery Quilt starting in
The other is a quilt shoppe in Southern California.
So it will be interesting to see what colors
they offer it in!
Now you gotta agree....
these gals have some faith!! 

Have a happy day full of Stitchin!


  1. That block is amazing...and congrats to you...they must know your work and know they will not be disappointed.

  2. Wow, What a fabulous blog. I am so glad I found it. I can understand why people are excited by this first block - I think the quilt will be amazing.

  3. I just love the blocks you are doing! I am sitting on my hands. I have so many UFO's, but I just think they are so cute! I had better get at my old ones so I can do this! lol

    Glad everything turned out well with you. We are both blest!

  4. Your patterns are so incredible! Thanks for showing that large or intricate patterns are OK to do too! Sorry you had to shut down your shop, but there's a saying... what seems like a blessing may be a curse, and what seems like a curse may instead be a blessing. May you be blessed (truly) as you travel the country!

  5. Oh gosh...your aplique is AMAZING! I have ben just drooling over your entire blog!