Monday, May 27, 2013

My New Creative Pursuit

This is a Design Book I am working on.

I have never been into Paper Crafting,
(although I have collected papers and paraphernalia for years)
but decided I needed a  'hobby' when the ole man went to work out of town.
And boy howdy have I been having a ball.

If you have never checked out 
Laura Denison at Following the Paper Trail
please do. What an amazing woman she is.
And the thing that strikes me the most, is all the Ustream shows and videos
she posts at no charge, so people like me can truly learn the ins and outs of paper crafting.

These are all made out of File Folders!!

There are 4 pockets in each section made out of envelopes!
(The pink on the right with the lacy edge)

 A better picture of the envelope pockets.

The pages have added flaps.

I needed an inspiring place to house all of my design ideas, layouts, inspiration pieces,
drawings, clippings etc. And this I know will be the perfect tool for it.

I would like to also add, that even though Laura gives these videos for free,
from one designer to the next, I bought her pattern in support of her.
It's so important to support designers if we want them to continue
to work.

If you would like the direct link for this project here it is:


You can watch her step by step make this album from videos.

I still have 3 more pages to construct and then the front and back covers.
I will post about it when I get it all completed.

So tell me..... what do you all think??



  1. I love her stuff. I have made several of her books. Yours is so fun. I think I recognized some 'hello lucious' paper and it reminds me I missed getting any of the 'hello lucious' fabric.

  2. First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by Ideas for Scrapbookers! I really appreciate your wonderful comments! Secondly, I absolutely love this book! It looks amazing and I am off to check out the link you shared with us! Lastly, (but not least!!) I want to let you know how much I love that you shared her link and support other designers! That's awesome!!!!

  3. ....any more upcoming Rancher's Daughter installments? That's one of the best things about "Mondays".....

  4. ....any more upcoming installments of Rancher's Daughter....looking forward to them has been one of the best thing about "Mondays".....

  5. Wow... I have never been to her site before but this is so awesome I'm heading there right now! Gorgeous paper Johna'lee - it is very definitely you! I drug out all my fabric and am anxious to get back to the quilt squares & catch up with everyone... I must be about 8 or 10 squares behind! Hope you're doing well! xo