Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Oh my....
Monday...where are you...
 did you go?

I was frantically running around trying to get out the door for a 4 week trip!

I will write more when I get to a computer. My Kindle isn't letting me spell words correctly. 

I will tell you that I haven't seen that ole Guitar Man of mine for Six months...and I fly into Bismark at 12:30 today to be gobbled up by him!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A NEW Mystery Block of the Month being offered by John'aLee

I've been working on things...

 A new Mystery House Block of the Month quilt!

I've been designing the blocks for this quilt for over a year now.
It's going to be in pinks, blacks, whites, greens with a touch of yellow!

Whatcha think??

You can reserve space over at my blog for a $10.00 sign up fee.
The BOM starts September 2013 and will be $29.99 each month for 10 months.
No extra border fees at the end. The whole price of the quilt is divided up evenly between the months.
Click HERE!! ...to sign up.


Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Oh Brother....go jump off a cliff....) Week 20

Week 20!

That means 20 blocks!!
It's amazing to me when you take a project and just work at it little by little,
even 1 hour a week,
it gets done!
And if you never would have dug in....
you wouldn't have the finished project piece!

Now last week, I told a story on my brother.
I have more!
Two that come to mind.

Our ranch house was set up with our kids bedrooms and 2 guest rooms all at one wing of the house.
Kind of like servants quarters ya know....Ha!

Mom and Dad's room was way at the other end of the house.
Which made prime real estate for big brother to rule the roost on our end.

One night, mom came running out of her room frantic, she heard us girls screaming!

She first goes into the kitchen, and finds big brother...
reading his bible no less.

"What is going on?" Mom pleads
Big brother says, "I don't know mom, I'm just sitting here reading my bible.)

As we got into bed, he'd emptied boxes of scrunched crackers into our bed!
Yeah right...reading his bible!

Another thing he was notorious for:

Whenever we had boyfriends coming to take us out, he hung our bras and panties from all the small chandeliers
that hung down the hallway where our bedrooms fanned off from.

So any of you have any 'big brother' stories out there to share??

This week's block is a good 'ole star block.

Cutting Instructions

A Cut (36) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Red - Off White Polka Dot)
B Cut (16) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Green Print)
C Cut (8) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Red Print
D Cut (1) 2½" X 2½" Square (Red Print)

Make 16 A/B Half Square Triangles
Make 8 A/C Half Squares Triangles

Whoops....need 8 more Green ones:

Lay out block:

For Center Block:
Draw a line  diagonally down each 1½ X 1½ Side Squares and stitch on line.

Sew Row 1 and Row 2 squares together all the way down.

Continue with Rows 3 and 4
and Rows 5 and 6

Now sew rows together horizontally:


Hope you all enjoyed!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along

Hi my Quilting Buds!!

I am sitting here sweating....
trying to get this block sewn for you all....
there are thunder storm and tornado warnings....
my a/c is out....
and I think I'm going to hang it all up and head down
to Clarksville to squeeze on that little boy of mine!

I've had 2 different companies out here to fix the a/c...
4 different appointments...
and the last appointment they blew the transformer.

So I hope once again you will forgive me
for not posting a block today!

I will try to get it posted this weekend some time.

(So sad face!)

Sorry gals!

Heading out....

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along Week 19 (Oh Brother Where Art Thou?) Block Tutorial)

Happy Good Morning Monday to all my Quilting Buddies out there today!!

Are you ready for another block??

I'm sure  you all are caught up
and waiting with abated breath!! 

So let's get to work!
I will tell you the story at the end...

Cutting Instructions:
A Cut (24) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Off White)
B Cut (9) 1½" X 1½"  Squares( Red and Off White Polka Dot)
C Cut (9) 1½" X 1½" Squares(Red)
 D Cut (9) 1½" X 1½" Squares(Green)
 E Cut (9) 1½" X 1½" Squares(Yellow)

 Make  (6) A/B Half Square Triangles
Make  (6) A/C Half Square Triangles
Make  (6) A/D Half Square Triangles 
Make  (6) A/E Half Squares Triangles

Layout Block:

Sew Rows 1 and 2 together,
Sew Rows 3 and 4 together,
Sew Rows 5 and 6 together:
Can you see my mistake here?
If you don't cut your sewing apart, and just lay Row 3/4 on top of Row 1/2 and pin it, they stay nicely together and don't get twisted!

Sew Row 1/2 unit to Row 3/4 unit,
Sew Row 3/4 unit to Row 5/6 unit:
See my mistake yet?? I still hadn't!

Aha...caught the mistake:
Rip out!

Sew all 3 sets of rows together:
 And one more block done!!

Okay, here's the scoop!

There were 3 girls and 1 boy in our family.
Yep, he was the oldest and a pain in the patootie!

One day The Rancher and his wife, had to go out of town,
and left big brother in charge.
(First mistake in my opinion!)
But he was 18, responsible, smart, level headed....
wait a minute...
this is my brother we're talking about!
(Love you Ted!)

He didn't think us girls were treating him right,
so he took one of dad's gun's out of the gun case,
(made sure we were watching)
went outside where we couldn't see him,
and fired a shot!

                                       Us girls came running out of the house
scared out of our wits.
He was laying all funny on the ground.
We started bawling, fawning over him,
telling him we were so sorry,
and that he was the best brother in the world.

He gets up...after his faking and says,
"Thought so!"

Now we were madder than hell at him!!

 Ahhhh....big brothers!

I'm going to leave with a picture of my little helper this week.
Grandma got to keep him for 2 nights while mama and daddy went out of town!

Baby Kash amongst The Rancher's Daughter Quilt  blocks!
Happy, Happy Quilting!!