Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FREE Online Summer Class

Hi Peeps!

I just signed up for a FREE Online Summer School!
I thought I'd share the information with you, 
in case any of you might be interested:

Since taking my first online journaling class this year
I can't believe what has come out of me.
I look back at my journals from this first quarter of the year and think to myself,
"Wow, if I hadn't taken this class I wouldn't have all these pages of yumminess!"

So I am a true and tried convert.
If you are afraid to commit to an online class, it's a great way to start.
Just sign up for a FREE one and you will have nothing to lose.
You too might be surprised not only what you will learn,
but how it will push you in a way nothing else ever has.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Learning to Draw Cupcakes....
Hello Everyone!
Yes...I know it's been way too long!
I'm still alive and kickin'!

I have so much to catch you all up on.
But for now I thought I'd just post some pics of what I've been doing in my journal...
I love seeing other people's journals, so I'm hoping you do too!
I am loving the online journaling class I have been taking since the first of the year.
I look at all  I have created, and it makes me realize what a blessed life I have.
We take so much for granted, 
but when we pen our lives to paper......and go back and read it,
one sees how rich our lives really are!
So I encourage you to get those journals out girls!
You won't be sorry!

I am in North Dakota with the ole Guitar Man right now.

 Trying to get my oldest daughter in line while I'm here too! Ha!

I'm doing the loop....here, Las Vegas to see my bestie and my son,
 then on to Boise to see my other daughters and grand babies!
These trips are hard on the ole back, but the memories and good times are priceless!

Have a lovely, inspired and creative month of May my friends!