Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 'Shoppe' is sold!

 It's a bittersweet feeling ladies!
The building our shoppe has been housed in for the last 5 years has sold.
We are glad to have found a buyer...
but there truly are soooo many sweet memories
these walls hold!
I thought I'd share some photos with you
of our shoppe just in case 
you never were able to stop in.

My sweet friend Nancy when she came to visit me.
My '5th' child Raigan Hatch with Ashley. I couldn't keep the girls' friends away while they were I just adopted them and put them to work too!
Ashley working in the  back stock room. I can't begin to tell you the 'fight' I had in keeping this room organized!

The outside of the shoppe

The Guitar Man posing for me.

 Thanks to all of our customers who supported us while we were open.
We are still on the road traveling all over the country to
Quilt Shows here in the US.
So come and see us!
Check us out on our website too!

Toodle - Loo,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our New "Quilt Walk Park"

 It's not often that a town will have a whole park
dedicated to 'Quilting'.

 Panguitch, Utah has it's own Quilt Walk Park.
Part of Panguitch's history is based on

In 1864 when the people were
suffering from hunger, 
deep in the time of winter...
7 men...
started heading out over the mountain...
to Parowan to get food...
for theirfamilies.

As they  journeyed they were sinking
in the snow seeing it was so deep.

One man put a quilt down to pray on.
They started walking on it and
realized it kept them from sinking.
So they literally flipped quilts 
and walked on them until they arrived.

There is a good ending to the story as well.
They arrived safely back...
with food for their families.

Claudia Crump...a diehard quilter...
is responsible for  making this park
as well as the Quilt Walk Festival.
Every year...
it takes place
the second week of June.

She and several others through bake sales,
donations, and what nots
raised the thousands and thousands
of dollars needed to create this park.

If ever you are driving through...
you must stop and check it out.
There is a bench dedicated to each quilt walker.

Here are pictures of the Dedication of the Park
This is the quilt block  that is present all over the park.

To read more about the Festival Click: HERE!!

So if ever you are driving through Panguitch...
stop in and see this...
one of a kind park...
in the Zion Bank parking lot.

I must tell you all that this is 'why' we moved to Panguitch.
I couldn't believe a town with this kind of history
didn't have it's 'own' Quilt Shoppe.
And now sadly...we are having to move on.

Make sure to check out Quilt Story.
Every Tuesday different people post
about their 'sewing' projects.
Quilt Story Tuesdays

I must get back to my pattern writing.
I'm frantically working to finish
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.
Sitting my bootie down here at Barnes and Noble...
where the husband can't find me...
nor the kids...
nor the grandkids!

Have a sweet day!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Tutorials, What Nots and Give Aways's I've Found Traveling Through Blog Land

I had to have at least one picture to put up with this post even though it isn't related in the least. The 'black' Meet Me In Paris was made by Nan Nay and the burgundy one was made by me.
So you know how sometimes
you are traveling 
through blog land...
and you see all of these great things.
You just feel wrong not sharing them.
So I'm taking care of my guilt...
I'm doing a whole blog post on what I've found.
Check out this great tutorial on how to print text for adding names your quilts. Bloom and Blossom Blog

Need a great laugh for today?  You've got to check out this post by one of our fellow quilters: To Laugh...PRESS HERE!!

If you want a chance to win a GO machine stop in over HERE!

For a great Tutorial on how to make a Fall Table Runner with the "GO" machine....stop in over HERE

Pink Pincushion has posted a video from the Missouri Quilt Company on how to make super duper easy Pin wheels! This is a new and awesome technique like I have never seen before. Check it out: EASY BREEZY PINWHEELS

Head on over to Mel's Own Place 
if you want some help with your own blog.
She tells about how to download
and use Window's Live Writer.

This video really touched my heart. Actually made me tear up. It shows the great compassion and generosity of 'Quilters'. You MUST see it!! It will make you appreciate all you have today even if you are having a bad day. Charity Quilts Being Handed Out In Romania

Until later....

Whimsy Lane in Shabby Chic

You've got to check out Grass Roots Studio. She sent me some pictures of a quilt I designed that one of her customers has made and she is quilting it.
Her quilting is out of this world!
This quilt has no hand applique on it and because of that...
it has been a big seller on the road.
To order this pattern CLICK HERE!!
You can find it on our website under
John'aLee's Original Patterns.

Make sure to check out 

Her blog will inspire you!

A Happy Sunday to All of You,

Quilting Hugs,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fancy Hill Farm Fabric has Just Arrived!!

Do you ever have those days...
when you plan to get so  much done???
You make lists...
 You are so confident that...
and I mean 'everything'
is going to get done!
Then little by little...
the day gets away from you.
At the end of the day...
not even half of the things on 
"the list"
have been ticked off.
That's when one has to be thankful for
the little bright spots in the day...
like a big fabric delivery!
 I am so in love with this line by
Robyn Pandolph
Fancy Hill Farm!
This is one photo shoot I had fun with...
It was easy...
Seeing it matched the colors
in my Front Parlor.

Stay tuned...
Kenny Roy is going to be making several
Meet Me in Paris Kits 
out of this fabric.
Some with off-white backgrounds...
Some with green backgrounds...
and some with the red for the background.
We also have 'limited'
108" pieces 
to go with the line
in green and off-white.

So now on to my day...
Seeing it is Saturday...
I am hoping there won't be too many
I am determined to sew, sew sew!!

Quilting Love until Later...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Morning!! A Lovely Day to Spend in the Sewing Studio!

Yesterday was my son's 29th birthday.
I can't believe I almost have a 30 year old son! 
Where did the time go?
Here he is working our booth for us.
I'm pretty proud of him! He was a piece of cake to raise compared to my three 'darling' daughters!

I love mornings like today....
when a comment from one of you....
just starts my day out with a smile!!
I am looking forward to spending the day sewing.
I have the applique pieces for the third block
in Buttercream Summer
all ready to go...
I am missing one little 'red' petal at the bottom...
I know I made them all...
That's what happens when I am transporting
my work all over the country.

And now I will pull out the light box...
and trace the embroidery designs.
I just have to show you what all three of these blocks look like together:
Oh this is going to be so much fun figuring out the borders...
I'm tickled....buttercream over them!
I was thrilled at the San Diego show...
to take several more sign ups for it.
If it is something you are wanting to do...
make sure to get signed up HERE
before they are all gone!

It is also on my 'to do' list today
to finish the instructions for the
"Meet Me Under the Mistletoe"
and do the photography
so I can get that out to 
all of you who ordered it.
There is still time to Pre Order  it
and not be charged the shipping
until September 30th.

And the final thing on my list today is...
to finish the instructions for Block 2 
of Buttercream Summer.
I just had to finish this post with some pictures of my latest grandson. I know the last one isn't the 'perfect' picture...
but he looks like such an angel in it.

So my friends...
off I go...
for a walk...
and then to the studio.
I will meet you back here later!
Hugs until then....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Findings Around Blog Land

In traveling around Blog Land this morning I found some goodies I just have to share with you.
Jan at Quilt Walk Talk posted a darling quilt she made from one of my patterns called Pinkilicious that is just so yummy!

She also made it in a different colorway:
If you are interested in ordering this pattern Click HERE!
Also...if you haven't checked out Susan Branch's website ... you must. On THIS page she has FREE wallpapers that you can download to your computer of her darling artwork. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter too!

And there's a chance to win a FREE Accu Quilt GO machine over at Sew Create It. Check it out: HERE!

I've got to get into the Sewing I'm going to sign off for now.
Have a Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back from our San Diego Quilt Show

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I can't begin to express the feeling
I get 
when I see one of my designs 
hanging at a quilt show.
At this show there was a "Meet Me in Paris" 
out of batiks.
We sold this lady a kit
last year and she got it all done.
I thought it turned out beautiful.
I usually design the kits with floral fabrics
and when asked by a customer for 
a custom design out of batiks
I had my concerns on how it would
turn out.
My concerns are put to rest.
These gals are part of the San Diego Olde Town
Quilt Group
that promotes the arts of
Rug Hooking, Quilting etc.
This is a quilt that is known
as the oldest quilt in California.
They were all dressed in period clothing.
And here are some of the quilts that were in the show.

I am now in St George...
working on my new pattern.
Kenny Roy went on home...
to take care of business...
while I love on these grand babies
of mine for awhile.
'til later....

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