Thursday, April 12, 2018



I am so excited to bring this class to you! 

If you are at the point in the year, where you are wondering where oh where did all of that spunk go that you had at the beginning of the New Year, when you were determined to get a bunch of projects accomplished this year, then this class is for you!

I am not only going to show you what I do to get myself motivated once again, I'm going to take you along on my Artist's Dates as I am determined to get that 'umpf' back! 

I have been trying really hard to get back into quilting for some time now, and this is it for me! This month, I am going to get my new Block of the Month started for ya'll! So one of the Artist's Date I will be taking you on, is the PADUCAH QUILT SHOW! And there will be others too!

Here's a link to my VIDEO telling you about the class! 



Hope ya'll will come join me!


Friday, February 2, 2018


Hi Ladies!

Are you looking for a way to be inspired creatively? Do you journal or want to find a new way to journal that will keep you inspired? Come sign up for my online journaling class (JOHN'ALEE'S JUBILEE: FINDING JOY THROUGH JOURNALING) that starts next Monday, February 5th, and join a bunch of Christian ladies, who love the Lord and have bonded over journaling and being creative. Most of them are quilters too!! :)
We'd love to have you. 

It's really affordable too! $25 if you sign up before Feb 15 and use the Coupon Code LOVEMYJOURNAL gets you $10 off the $35 regular price.

Some of the comments from January's Journaling class:
" I'm loving this journey we are all on! Our guide is amazing!"
" John'aLee, I think you may be stuck with us until the end of time...😊 I really do enjoy your videos and your great ideas. It’s only been two months, but I don’t know what I’ll do without your class to look forward to every day!!! I hope you have classes planned for a long time!!! LOL!!! 😂❤️❤️" -Mary
"I am in the class....and so looking forward to another month!!"
" I just watched budgeting. That's the best advice I have heard in years! I'm the worst! The best at numbers but when it comes to my own money....I am the worst. I am going to actually take your advice for myself! On to the next video!-Tina
"Thanks lovely! I’m really enjoying my journaling life, it’s been made richer by this class. I’m looking Forward t seeing the rest of the course when I’m home. Xxx" -Cheryl
"of course I am looking forward to the February class and any other you have.....John'aLee Johnston Burk you are such an inspiration and I really enjoy all that you have done so far!"
"I'm just finishing watching this's the BEST! Thank you for being so open...what an encouragement you are. I desperately need to lose 50 pounds and I'm thinking going off sugar would help me too! This video is very powerful...God has certainly been sending angels and I think you are mine! These topics are so hard to discuss with people and we barely know each other but yet your message spoke volumes!!!!" -Kim

Would love to have you join us! It's such a wonderful group of ladies. And it's not a huge group, so everyone is really getting to know each other.

Have a wonderful day ladies!!


P.S. Here's a LINK to join January's Class. It is packed full with over 6 hours of video from 'your's truly' on everything I do to plan, journal, find time for my Spiritual Life and do my Scripture Writing, work in my studio and be creative, as well as my tips on how to get your paperwork under control.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hi Sweet Ladies,

Any of you out there like to read?

I posted a new video on my YouTube channel about my favorite reads of 2017. In the comments let me know what you are reading, and what your favorites books were of last year. I'd love to hear all about them!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Can you Believe it is already the Third Week of January?!

I'm giving you a free peek into one of the video chats from my January Journaling/Planning/Scripture Writing Class, JOHN'ALEE'S JUBILEE that is going on now. It's not too late to join in on the fun!
We have an active Facebook Group to go along with the class with some great Christian ladies in it that has been an added bonus to the whole project! So if you would like to be inspired to get your New Year off right.....even a few weeks into it, COME JOIN US!!  WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!

~John'aLee's Jubilee~

I have spent years fine-tuning my process of journaling and planning and decided this year to share it with you all. The other amazing thing I incorporated into my life this last year was Scripture Writing. Wow. Did that ever add a new joyful dimension to my life! So in this class with loads and loads of videos, I teach you all about setting up a Bullet Journal to get your life under control, how to keep up with it, how to track things so you can figure out what you are doing right and what you're doing wrong, so you can fix those things in your life, as well as my whole system I use adding Traveler's Notebooks to my life for my journaling.

With each class I also set up a private Facebook class where students not only share their work, but they get to know each other and in turn bond and become quite the delightful community!  With my Christmas Journaling/Planning class, I had 95% re-sign up for my new Jubilee class, so it made me realize I've struck a need! Us women need encouragement and we need each other!

So if right about now you are lagging with your goals for 2018 and need an Inspiration Coach.....John'aLee to the rescue!! I sure hope you will come over and join us! We'd love to have you.

Here's the LINK to sign up for THE JUBILEE!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Are You Needing Some Motivation to Get Organized this year?..... I have the perfect class for you!!

Happy, Happy New Year Everyone!!

Can you believe it is 2018?? Want to have your best year yet?

I have an awesome class (JOHN'ALEE'S JUBILEE)  I have been putting together that I think you ladies will be thrilled with!
For several years now, I have been fine-tuning my process on how to get organized, my paperwork under control, and how to live a more fulfilled and intentional life. And I wanted to live more joyful!

I'm sharing how I journal, how I keep a Spiritual Journal, as well as how I break down a yearly project and track my process and keep myself motivated to continue with it! This year's project is:
GETTING MY FIRST QUILTING MEMOIR off the ground, of how I launched The Scrappy Appleyard and all the yummy tidbits that followed. I'm also sharing how to choose a word for the year, a bible verse, a color, and how to let these things be your guide. 

I've searched and searched for a class that would help me to do this, and couldn't find one, even though I paid for and completed several classes. So this is what spurred me on to create one myself. I realized all the thousands of hours I've put into research over the years has done one great thing for me. I've taken bits and pieces from here and there, fine tuned them into what I needed, and then came up with my own system. And this year, when I was reflecting back I realized I lived my life with so much more JOY in it than ever. And that was because I journalled, I kept a Bullet Journal, I tracked things like my health, moods, activity etc, found out what was working and what wasn't, and changed my life!

This month I am sharing all of my secrets! The class is $35. But I have an Early Bird Special of $10 off if you sign up before January 15th, 2018. Use the Coupon Code: JUBILEE and get the class for $25!

We also have a private Facebook group where everyone can interact and show their progress and get to know one another. I did this for my Christmas Class and what fun we had!! I sure hope you will join us! Come spend January with us and get your New Year off the ground in style!!

HERE'S THE LINK TO SIGN-UP:John'aLee's Jubilee!!

Here's the link, if you are having trouble watching the video here! JOHN'ALEE'S JUBILEE

Here's some of the comments from my Christmas Class:

Welcome you are going to love this place and what John'aLee Johnston Burk has to share with us. 

Thank you John'aLee Johnston Burk for doing this I’m so glad I joined. I’m thinking that when my children go through my things years from now I hope they enjoy reading all the journals I intend to make especially the Christmas ones.

After watching the rest of the videos, I can share that I also have been scripture writing with Sherry Hefner (The Homespun Wife) for the whole year and it really is a wonderful blessing. It was through that activity that I started following John'aLee Johnston Burk. What a blessing! Two very special women! I also bullet journal and that has been a thrill for me. So, as you can see, this Christmas journal project is right up my alley!

Thank you John'aLee Johnston Burk for all your time sharing and inspiring us with this journal project! I’m having so much fun

I can’t say enough how excited I am for this to start. I’ve never journaled tho have tried and John’aLee I’m so loving your journaling style. So many times I’ve saved things from places we’ve been or just a momento of something and they always end up getting thrown away because I don’t know what to do with them...Now I do. I’ve watched all your videos and plan to watch them again.

thank you again John'aLee! You really don't know how much I needed this little project this time of the year.

 I would be happy to take any course from you to organize my life.

I’m going to sound like a broken record but thanks again John'aLee Johnston Burk for doing your class and I’m enjoying each video you do and I’m really loving the scripture writing as I’ve never done it before so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hope to see you in class!!