Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quilt Walk Reportings

Every year we donate as many fat quarters as Claudia
needs to put in the bags of those
registered for classes.
This year she needed them by Tuesday night at 5.
Our employee Linda usually takes care of getting them together.
But this year Ken was responsible.
Something told me to double check...
he had them tied up in rubber bands...
some in strips of fabric...
"Ken....what are you doing?" Of course was
my response.
Guess who got to take them all apart and redo them?
With ribbon...
and labels...
the right way!
I barely made the dead line.
What a job.
A big fat "Thank you" to Linda for 
all the work you've done in the past
that maybe I haven't fully appreciated.
I love you!

I then asked him to dump them all on the table
to take a picture for my blog.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I knew this was going to be a sight to be seen!
200 plus fat quarters...
all tied up beautifully 
with ribbon....
by me.
He dumped about 1/4 of them...
and I didn't realize it...
until this morning when I started this post.
No din din tonight my Guitar Man!

So on my walk Wednesday morning
I took my camera
so I could post some of the happenings
around town as everyone was 
setting up for the Festival.
This scene is created by Becky at
Cowboy Collectibles.
She's a dear.
One of my quilting addicts I created for the industry.
This is the Social Hall
where the Quilt Walk dinner play
takes place each night.
I will try to get another picture of it today..
there's more been added out front of it.
Joe and Nan own the local market...
these people are 'the cream of the crop"
they don't come any better.
When we first opened Joe
would put hundreds of dollars down
on deposit for his wife to shop
whenever she wanted.
And he insisted that when she ran out,
I was to come down to the market...
and get more.
Now does your husband compare?
I haven't convinced Joe to give lessons yet....
but its a thought!
This is a statue out in front of the library.
But for years now the Quilt Walk committee has been taking donations and raising money
for a statue of the Quilt Walkers themselves.
Last year Claudia reported they had raised over $40,000!
I was shocked.
I caught up with Claudia for just a moment yesterday
and she explained how this was all going down.
Each of the platforms will have a bench with one
of the Quilt Walkers name on it.
Then in the middle will be the huge statue.
And walkways.
I talked to Leon (Claudia's husband) in the parking
lot yesterday...
where he almost purposely ran me down.
Leon and I have this 'love-hate' relationship.
He knows he loves me...
but he hates that Claudia his wife
let me buy this building from them...
where both of our Quilt Shoppes have now
lived and breathed. Making a little bit of their own history!

Leon said he was hoping to get the statues today...
I really hope they can...
it would be a great ending to the Quilt Walk
this year to have them put in while everyone is here.
Luv ya Leon!!
Now none of this would be possible...
it it weren't for Claudia..
the one on the right.
She is the one who has built this whole Festival
over the years to what it is today.
At our first trunk show in the high school
auditorium on Thursday...
the ladies presented her with a quilt they had
made for her....
she wept.
But who more deserving?
She puts in countless hours every year
so that we all can enjoy this special time together.
(Sorry about the quality of pictures. It was dark in the auditorium)

Now this morning its a chilly and rainy morning here in Panguitch, coming in at a 46 degrees. Brrrr! Wouldn't you know it...the last three days have been sunny and warm, but the morning I have to get up before 7 to head down to the Zion's Bank parking lot for their Pancake is freezing out!!! I will say the breakfast was worth it though! Here's a picture of the Guitar Man eatin' up!
And here's the set-up. The old mayor taking everyone's money! The cooks behind him, cookin' up a storm.
We always try and get here early....
to beat the crowd.
So let's go back to the night it started....
Chocolate Fest!!
You ask.....What is a Chocolate Fest?
It's tables and tables of homemade goodies
made out of Chocolate!
There is a Light Chocolate Fountain,
And a Dark Chocolate Fountain
to dip strawberries, bananas, apples
and other goodies in.
Buying 3 tickets gets you 3 desserts.
Ymmm!! Is all I can say!
My granddaughter agrees...
I don't think this little one's mother 
will ever forget 'this' Quilt Walk...
She was awakened early one morning
by Emily (this one's sister)...
saying, "Mom, Kiera'a cutting her hair!"
Kiera had hair down past her hiney...
after her quick make over
it was several different lengths,
and her poor mom
was horrified.
the troubles of youth!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More of: The Design Process

I took the 'Process Pledge' so here goes another post
 to let you in on how I work at developing 
my patterns for you all out there.
Last night I couldn't sleep and so at about 11 p.m.
I got up, headed into my sewing studio
and was determined to get this first block of my 
new and upcoming Block of the Month 
figured out.
I have never developed a pattern with hand embroidery
so its a 'touch and go' process with me.
I like the looks of this block
but there are a few problems with it.
#1...the strawberries need to be bigger and more defined.
And the basket needs to be more balanced out...and bigger.
In the original drawing they both looked alright
but once done with fabric and thread, there needed
to be some adjustment.
 (I took these pictures well after please excuse the photography!)

So back to the drafting table...
I also felt this block needed to be bigger...
 I start commissioning fabrics and come up with these below.
I needed something a little bit more solid for the basket 
so the embroidery work will show up.
 I make my templates with freezer paper...
iron them on to the backside of my fabrics...
 Pin them to the background...
Take the piece to the light box so I can start drawing
the embroidery work in...
And all the while... I am making a "Key"
for the 'Guitar Man'
who will be making up the kits for you guys...
or if he's lucky...
will be instructing one of the employees
how to do it...
And I wake up this morning...
and almost convince myself...
that the block is too big!
I still need to add small prairie points to the outside of the block.
So it still needs to be readjusted.
And this is why I said in a previous post...
if you all out there knew the hours and painstaking   
details us designers put into our work.....FOR YOU...
I just know....I am would never copy off patterns for one of your friends.
I never knew how important 'copyright' was until I started designing
and saw all the work that goes into even one pattern.
This pattern only "ONE" block!
And its not even close to being done.
So thanks to all of you
for your respect...
for your patronage...
and most of all...
for the encouragement you give to us designers!

Quilting Hugs,

QUILT WALK is here again!!!! Yippee!!!

Quilt Walk is here again. 
This is the most exciting week here in Panguitch in my book.
It is the reason we moved here.
To read more about our story go to our website at:
and read our "About Us" page.

The story of Quilt Walk is this:
In 1864 when settlers were settling the town of Panguitch
the people were running out of food.
Seven men started walking with their oxen and carts over the mountain between Panguitch and I-15 to Parowan
to try and find food to bring back so they all wouldn't starve.
It was the middle of winter, the snow was deep
and they weren't making much progress.
One of the men put a QUILT down to pray on.
They realized they weren't sinking anymore...
because of the Quilt!
So the rest of the way....
they literally flipped quilts and walked on them all the way.
And they made it back successfully with food.
Now all around town you will see "utility" quilts hanging over posts 
propped up by haybales.
These quilts stay out night and day,
rain, sunshine or snow,
for about 2 weeks.
Many 'quilters' get upset  at seeing this.
Understood!! We have been conditioned and
rightfully take care of our quilts...and even minimally
keep them out of the sun at least....
to preserve them for the next 

But you must is different..this story!
This is a story about survival.
These quilts are ''utility" quilts.
They ARE telling the story of this town in their own way!
And you know...I think it is good to be reminded too..
that we need to make quilts for using not just 'show'!
(Now I am not advocating putting them outside for 2 quilters would kill me...and I really do want to live a 
little bit longer!)
So here are the rest of the pictures I took around town while I was walking yesterday.
 Have a blessed day my friends...
and remember....
to stitch a little today....
a little every day....
and on down the road....
this stitching....becomes a quilt!
Quilting Hugs,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Future Quilter's of America

When we were about this age...maybe a little older, we would go to a church convention every year. And us girls would all get together and make up "Speaking Lists" of the Future Workers of America. We would decide which minister would be with which companion using all of our friends in our arsenal. No one wanted to be on this list....every girl was planning on getting married! It was dooms day to find your name as a future speaker. Seeing that our ministers go out two by two still to this day, and leave all to preach the gospel just as in Jesus day. They do not get married, do not have a home, no children. Truly they give their lives to preach the gospel and find lost souls.

This memory came to me last night as I was thinking about posting the pictures of my granddaughters and trying to teach them how to quilt at a young age. And really now...aren't they truly....The Future Quilters of America. It is they who need to carry on this amazing tradition, that binds us with them, and with their fore mothers. Oh the stories to be told!

This is Emily my grand daughter who is 5 (above), wearing grandma's sandals in my sewing room while her mother and I  are trying to get some quilting done.
Now little sister, Kiera is wearing grandma's shoes, and mom is trying oh so hard to get them to sit and be quiet so we can sit and quilt!   

Emily's first hand sewing project. I cut out squares for her to hand sew. We leave all the pieces in the third drawer of the buffet, with needle, needle threader and thread, so every time she comes she knows right where to find her project.

                                                                                         None of my girls are interested in I am determined to get the next generation started early. I wonder if my kids remember the hard times when they were growing up in Texas and I was always frantically working to all hours of the morning down in the basement making drapes, pillows etc for my customers to put food on the table. At the time I didn't know that all of the money my then husband was making was going to his high society cocaine habit. ...hmmmm...maybe this is why they aren't interested. It wasn't good memories for them!!  Thankfully my darling daughter in law Melissa and I share many memories of Quilt Nights together sewing away!!
You all have a blessed day. stitch at a time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspiration from Quilts across the Country!

Seeing we do over 30 quilt shows a year, I am privileged to see a wide range of amazing work. I thought I would pull from my 'picture' stash and show you all some of the fine work I have seen, in hopes to maybe open up your own imagination.
So here goes:
I always feel so humbled and yet so blessed when I walk into a show and see that someone has made a quilt off one of my patterns. This was a Meet Me In Paris quilt (shown above), shown in Bakersfield California.
So that is all for today. I am off to the sewing studio. I paid my youngest daughter and her friend to help me reorganize it a few days ago, but there is still a lot of work I myself have to do. Yesterday I cut out some balloon shades for the windows. Did you all know I used to be an interior designer? That's how I put food on the table when I was left to raise 4 little ones by myself. So yes, I started out making curtains and draperies, but eventually hired a workroom to do all of my sewing so I could get out there and sell. It has been years,since I've taken on a 'drapery' project!
Happy Sewing to you all!