Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project Update!

Parisian Summer Final Border
This is what I've been up to the past few weeks.
Now I need to make 3 more to go on all sides of Parisian Summer
And as far as my 50th Year Project...
this is what the first week has been like.

First of all, I am amazed at what 'writing things down'
I have a journal my sister gave me for my birthday that I 
am recording two things in each night.
On the left hand side of the page I am writing down at least one thing I did nice for someone that day.
On the right hand side I am using it as my Gratitude Journal and am listing 5 things that I am grateful for that happened each day.
I have also been working on my Reading Lists.
I started this several years ago 
and truly it has changed my 'Reading Life' in a positive manner.
As I am reading a book,
if there are any references to a book the author has found uplifting or life changing,
it goes in my own "Reading List Journal".

And I always love going to the back of books and reading their
Recommended Reading Lists.
I add any books that look interesting to me.

Then I order these from the library.
I've been able to get 99% of these books from there.
I know to not put a title on the list that has a copyright date less than a year old.
They usually aren't at the library yet.

And then while reading these books
if I find a lot I want to underline in the book and mark it up in a 'John'aLee' kind of way,
I go order it online at Barnes and Noble.

This year I am adding 'audio' books to my list
as well as 'movies'.

Try it ladies....and let me know what you think.
This one thing over the last few years has brought great enjoyment to me.
I love creating the lists,
I love going through and picking a topic,
and then ordering just those books.
I love seeing the books that have changed other people's lives,
I love seeing the books that have helped an author to create 
their own book.

Now my other goals....
like writing 'my' book,
has not been very successful this week. 
I'm going to rectify that starting today!

It is softly raining outside,
I am alone,
I am headed out to my back stoop which is 3/4 covered,
and I am going to sit and read and write....

Thanks for popping in!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

And Let the Journey Begin....

I usually spend a lot of time in December with my journal,
writing about what I've learned the past year,
the mistakes I've made and what I want to do differently 
in the coming year,
recording things that have worked,
ideas  I've come across that I want to try.

Well, seeing yesterday was the big 50,
all week long I spent hours writing about
what I wanted this year to be.

Although I am a 'happy' person,
I wanted to really take time this year to find out what makes me happy,
what makes me unhappy,
and incorporate the good....and delete the bad as much as possible.
I came across this book on my quest!
Oh my!!
What an incredible read!!
It has helped me to design my own little 'project'.
Ladies, if you don't read any other book this year,
make sure to read this one.
I think it will change your life.

And a biggie....
I want to 'do' more for others!
I read another amazing book this year while at BandN
that struck a chord.

The author was at a very low point in his life,
where truly it sounds like he had nothing at all to be thankful for.
He decided to write one thank you a day to someone for something....for 1 year~
It changed his life.
So I've decided this year,
I am going to write a minimum of 52 Thank You's.
My 'Thank You' list comprises of people who have somehow
helped to shape the person I am today in a positive way.

And another thing,
is once a day,
do something nice for someone.
At least one thing.
And record it in a journal.
Sometimes us as women do DO a lot for others,
but don't give ourselves credit.
So this year for my own benefit
I'm going to write it all down,
and when I'm feeling despondent
go to my list!
I'll keep you posted on how this goes!

There is a book that came out around 17 years ago,
that was life changing for me.
I'm sure a lot of you women read it.
If you are of the newer generation and haven't 
you must girls!
I reread it every couple of years.
A few years after this book came out I started writing my own book of essays
 "Mornings on the Porch"
I sat out on my porch in the early morning with my hot steaming cup of mocha,
bible, books, pens, papers and notebooks
and wrote a way.
I can't tell you the times I've heard,
"You should write a book!"
So I started!
One of my goals this year is TO FINISH!!
I've thought long and hard about posting about this here on my blog.
A lot of people don't know  I am a writer and that I've studied
the craft for over 15 years.
Now I'm taking myself to task!
I will post some of my essays throughout this coming year for all of your feedback.
You all have become like a family to me,
so this is where I'm going to lay my heart open wide.Screeeeeech....

I also am going to get my Book Proposal
off to American Quilter's Society.
I approached them 3 years ago about an idea I had.
They had never heard of it and were very interested.
The project always seems to get put on the back burner.
So this is the year for that too!

Another goal...
Make My Home A Haven!
I will post my thoughts and ideas on this in a separate blog post,
because there's too much to write about.

And I have a few other ideas,
to work on my 'Attitude'.
That will take awhile for me to work out and research.
A separate post alone coming about that one my friends! a huge part of my life!
Reading about others,
their lives,
their heartaches and troubles,
how they've risen above,
has played a huge part of who I am today.
I have kept 'Reading Lists'
for years and years.
But this year I am going to get more dedicated to this list
and expand on it.
I'm keeping a 'Movie' list,
a "Book on Tape' list,
and an 'Author list'.
This last know how you read a book and love it!
Yet how often do we go and search out other books by that same author?
I do sometimes,
but this year I am making a more concentrated effort.
More later on this....

And last but not least,
Every day....
I mean EVERY DAY....
I am going to spend some time in my sewing room!
Stitching on something of my own!
Not for work!
This might be the toughest one of all!
But if I tell you...
my blog readers....
that I will post pics.....
I will have to!
I might just show you a square being cut out...Ha!!

So this is going to be the journey.
If I come across some more
good ideas
I will post as I  incorporate them.

I'm also working on a format to share with you all
that will organize this project better.

Now this is where 'ya'll' come in!
I'm going to ask you guys to comment
about 'your journey'
as we go!
What has helped you,
the books that have inspired you,
the people.
Things you do to get yourself out of a bad mood etc!

I'm still working on a name for this project.
I've always loved that word "Project".
Ever since I started watching Project Runway.
It's probably why I picked up the book,
The Happiness Project 
this last year.
Any ideas on a title for me?????

Stay tuned.....
Let's grow together girls....

With a Heart Laid Wide Open....

Oh....and P.S. I'm going to really try to post several times a week!!
P.S.S.  This is the hardest post to "push" that Publish Button on yet!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Big 50 today....and my Mary Jane Farm Magazine Article came out!!

A half a century old!
A pic of Tory and I taken a few weeks ago...
I was sitting in Barnes and Noble this morning....
went and picked out a stack of magazines.....
and low and behold as I was reading the new issue of
Mary Jane Farm....
there was  the two page spread on
lil 'ole me!!
I wasn't expecting it to come out until Oct/Nov...
thus the surprise.

Thank you Deb from
for including me!
It's been fun to see it all come together.

I'm unveiling a 'New Journey'
for my 50th year!
I'll start posting about it tomorrow!

I'm determined to have a 'Happy and Productive' year,
and to get some things done that I've put on the back burner 
for awhile now.
I want to include you all!
It will be an "Interacting Journey"
and hopefully
we can all
be a positive influence on each other!!

Just from a lil 'ole 50 year old lady....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seeing I'm Turning 50 this week....we are having FREE SHIPPING over at The Scrappy Appleyard

It's my birthday week....
No wait....
seeing it's the big 50....
my birthday month.
(Friday...July 6th)

I just don't think my 'usual' week of celebrating is enough.

I know...
the fam thinks I'm crazy....
but every fam...
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