Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer in the South.....

Lots of Planning going on....
Loving' the Summer down here in the South!
And it's been a cool one at that!

I've been going down to the River Walk and Marina
quite a bit with my Planner, Journals, Journaling Supplies,
Books, etc.....
 Love this little cart I found at a garage sale for $2!
It goes to the Farmer's Market with me every Saturday morning....
and it hauls my stuff down to the river's edge as well!
Some fabrics I found to make a simple patchwork quilt for my kitchen!
A pic of one of my customer's Meet Me In Paris' in progress....

So what are all of you working on?

And now for my excuse why I have not been posting.
All of my pics used to automatically load into Google+ 
and they don't anymore.
So I'm trying to see what is going on.
Does anyone know if there's a limit on photos stored there?
Maybe I need to go and do some deleting.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!

When I get this all figured out, I will get my blog post caught up.

P.S. For those who commented last time, I somehow lost all of my emails, so I didn't comment back to any of you. So sorry!!