Monday, May 6, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along Week 17 (Nancy's Block)

Finally I'm able to post pics!!

I am very computer techie challenged, so when something like this happens,
I freak out!!
No son around to help me out,
no hubby.
Guess I'm going to have to go on the hunt here to find  someone for blog support.

So anyway...

I'm naming this block for my friend Nancy!

She came in from Las Vegas last week, and what a ball we had.

One day it rained cats and dogs.
What did we do?
We stayed in our pj's all day sitting by the fire, gabbing, eating popcorn etc,
until it was time to go to bible study that evening. Then we got dressed!

My oldest daughter and her hubby came in from North Dakota as well.
Showed up in a Mustang Coupe...
which they proceeded to talk us into riding in downtown to Music Row.
all I will say is Fun, Fun, Fun!
Felt like a kid again.

The kids told The Guitar Man that they haven't seen their mom that happy in a long time.
His response?
"Hmmm...I haven't been around my wife since January, and she's the happiest she's been in a long time??"
I had to do some fast talking for sure.

"No honey, what they meant is that since you've gotten out of the business and are being the main bread winner, I am not nearly as stressed out. Yes, I know I used to have to check my blood pressure several times a week, and since you left I've only had to check it once. No really, it doesn't have anything to do with living with you on a daily basis, picking up after you, getting frustrated with your paperwork qualities, nagging you, etc...etc..."

At that point I knew I was just digging myself in deeper and deeper. So I quit!

On Thursday we headed down to Paducah for the Quilt Show.
We did it all in a day!

Here's some pics...
Sitting out front of the convention center where we ate lunch off the food trucks.
And CRASH again!

I've contacted Blogger.
Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem.
It's happening to lots of people.

So I wait with abated breath!

Sorry all.
At least you got to see the block!!

Have a wonderful week...
and get lots of sewing done!!


  1. send me your rain. i am dying here. we have not had even a drop in weeks. all i do is water!

  2. SOOO glad you and Nancy have fun!!! Heard a little about your trip to music row, from Brooke!! :) It was so good to talk to ya the other day. Miss ya bunches!!!