Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I haven't fallen off the wagon!

Hello my Quilting, Bloggie Friends!
I'm still here!

Just been so busy!

Trying to get ready for all my kids and grand kids...
who are coming in this week!

This one is arriving tonight at midnight...
So there will be lots of 
and playing
going on.

As well as water parks,
library days,

I'm determined to kind of take a vacation.

We'll see how that works out.

It is not my specialty.

Haven't done that much...
so will have to figure it out as I go along. (Smile)

We had a wonderful show at Knoxville.

it was the show ...
you know where!

Not because of the people...
they were great.

But here's a few things that happened.

First day...we barely made it there for set up...
only to find out we hadn't allowed for the one hour 
time difference.
Of was a loss not a gain!

We were rockin' and a rumblin'
trying to get the booth set up in time.

Amidst this...
the vendor across from us
while loading his heavy metal racks
on a dolly...
let them slip....
and guess who they fell on??

Yep! Me.
Bruises up and down my left side.
The whole show I called him my abuser!
He felt bad...
so I tried to make light of it.

Ken comes over to me and says...
guess what we forgot!?"
And when he said it...
right away I knew.

Buttercream Summer!

I had it on the floor in the dining room at home...
as I was trying to measure borders.

When I shut the door on it 
the previous day,
I even said to myself..
"Watch me go off and forget this!"

So the Guitar Man was going to go and check me into the hotel
and then planned on heading back home
for the night 
to get the quilt.

At the hotel...
we found out our credit card
was red flagged.
Supposedly they had put a fraud alert on it...
and nothing could be done.
We had to destroy it.

Right away I get on the phone...
and literally an hour and a half later...
supervisor, after supervisor...
the problem gets corrected without destroying the card.

Now it is too late for the man to return home.

So for the first day of the show we were resigned to 
the fact that the main quilt
was not going to have a showing.
 The Guitar would head home the next night.

after being put in a smoking room 
at the hotel 
and having a horrible night.
I said to the hubby..
"There is no way I am staying another night here!"
So I went all the way back home with him
the first night of the show.

Poor man...
he ended up getting '1' hour of sleep...
before heading out at 4 am
the next day...
All the way back to Knoxville.
3 hours.
When we get into the car...
I am in the back
on my feather bed.
I look at him through the rear view mirror
and say...
"Quit being a woos!
Just suck it up and drive!"

He looks back at me with flashing anger in his eyes..
until he sees me laughing!

You would have had to been there!

It was just one of those shows.

But the 'people' made up for it!

at a gas station...
I found a 
American Express
card of someone's on the ground.

The Guitar Man is pumping gas....
and I slyly go up to him...
and say,
"Hon....I've found a way to
solve all and any money problems!"
show him
the 'card'!

He laughs!

I call
American Express...

and get it cancelled 

for whomever lost it!

So that's all for now~
I promise
to be gone so long...
this next time...
my loyal quilting buds!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Block Done in the Mystery Quilt!

A Summer Afternoon Read
 I'm pooped.
I need to climb right into this quilt block...
and veg out for the day!

This block looked fine looking at it straight on...
but now that I've posted it...
the letters look like they are going
down hill....
Don't we all just love to pick out...
and repeat??
(Thank you Stitched with Prayer for your 
comment! I do believe it is the photo that is askew.!)

I forgot to post the pic
of the previous block.
It doesn't show up too well
in this picture,
but it really is a sweet little block.
It says "Friends are Like Flowers...Many Petals...Many Layers"

We are working around the clock once again 
getting ready for 
Knoxville Show 
next week.
I'll have some new 
Meet Me In Paris Kits
to unveil...
and I'm designing
a bunch of
Whimsy Lane Kits
in different colors.

Here's the Guitar Man's work....
9th Month in Mystery Quilt (16 fabrics!)
from last night.

Our customers love that we label
all of our fabrics in kits.

And here...
The Scrappy Appleyard....


Where would we be without you??

We love and appreciate you all!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. Confession to make...
I am truly a farm girl at heart....
Check out this great blog tour going on today
over at 
Deborah Jean's Dandelion House