Monday, September 17, 2012

Life Get's Interesting!!

My Living Room Where I sit and sew....see the bag on the right?? My hand sewing...
And what a three weeks it has been!!

We made an unplanned trip out to Utah that was supposed to take a week and a half...
Instead 2 1/2 weeks later,
we are home.
With a mess!!

We had to go and deal with 3 storage units.
My heartfelt advice....
Don't ever get a storage unit!!
(I should have taken pictures.)

Now that we are for sure settling here in Tennessee,
it was time to go and deal with our worldly goods.
For days, we sorted through stuff,
the locals heard we were in town 
and were selling stuff and they came out in droves.

I midarm....
most of my antiques...
shoppe props...

The hubby refused to haul it all across state lines.

I would like to be able to say that I got loads of sewing done.
62 hours in the car round trip!
Not a stitch!

I did however enjoy my kids and grand kids!
Taught Ashley how to make homemade bread from scratch...
Stopped in on our way out to see Mom and Dad!
Loved on my grand babies....
Made homemade  doughnuts with my darling daughter in law...
While everyone went through old pictures we'd pulled out from storage...
Had great meals with all the family....
Played family games...Of course I won!! And for some reason, I'm always accused of cheating! Go figure!
My grand kids don't think I cheat....
"My Grandma doesn't cheat!!"
"She makes sure we all get ice cream!!"
"And digs out old clothes for my cousins to play dress up in!"
"She lets me read her bible with her out on the porch too."
"She rocked me lots in my great great grandmother's rocking chair that she had rocked her in!"
This was one antique the guitar man let me bring home. My grandmother rocked my mom and me both in this chair.
She did the needlework on the chair.
She kept me for the first few months of my life because my mom was so sick.
"Sometimes I shared with my cousin. It was hard...."
I made all of the kids and grand kids get dressed up for family pics. None were too excited.
My daughter Brooke and her family.
My son Stephen and his family.
Ashley and her family.
The night before we left, Mom and Dad were driving through town and took us all out to Cracker Barrel.
And even though Tory didn't go out west with us,
her and Steven came by the day after we got home.
He deployed on Saturday again so we were so glad to go to dinner with them.
She's a poochin' out there....

Now it's back to the boxes....
linens to be washed,
quilts and bedding....
pictures to hang,
dishes to wash and find a place for.

I'm getting to old for this!

Loads of Love!