Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just to Let You Know I'm Still a'Kickin!

Hi all my gals and guys!
First of all thank you ever so much for every one of your emails, comments,
prayers and good wishes you have sent me.
Some days....
that was the only light I saw!
I haven't written you all back, but please know how much they meant to me.

So here's the update.
Had to walk away from our home.
Basically a match needs to be lit to it.
And it looks like I am going to settle in Clarksville, TN
down where my daughter lives.
We've rented a house,
and now I am just waiting for my stuff to come from storage.
I have to go through each and every thing to see what can be salvaged.
I hear garage sales a'callin me!
Hey....I'll just call this my 'Thrift Shop' house!

I will post pics when I can. I'm still without a computer.
One of my friends rebuilt one for me, I just need to go to Nashville to pick it up.
Where would we be without friends?

For now, while I am waiting for everything to come together,
I am spending a lot of time at Starbucks working on my memoirs.

And I am hoping to be back in the saddle with:

in a few weeks.
Thanks so much for your patience.

So for now, 
sending tons and toodles of Love and Affection,