Saturday, July 31, 2010

My 48th Birthday

I really tried hard to celebrate my birthday for over a week!

This is the beautiful wall hanging my sister Janet made for me. I was blown away by her work.

She also got me some darling cards and teapot measuring I have never seen before. And of course....the master she is at scrap booking she also handmade the card. Thank you sis! I love you!
 For the first time in 12 years...the Guitar Man brought out his guitar and sang me two songs for my birthday. I always was a sucker for a man with a guitar in his hands...let alone one singing a song especially for me.  

He also took me to Vegas for 5 days to the JW Marriott. Because we travel so much we are Gold members there, and had 5 free nights. Awww....a much needed vacation.
My dear friend Nancy met up with us one night for sushi at the Kona Grille. Our birthdays are only 9 days apart so we try every year to celebrate somehow together.

And finally, while we were in Denver doing a show 10 days later, mom and dad took us out to the Capital Grille for a fantastic dinner. What a posh place. There was 'Happy Birthday' confetti all over the table as well as a birthday card from the place. The steak I ordered was $48! And that was just for the steak! Salad, and sides were extra. It was a fun evening. My dad usually signs my card every year, "Love, Dad"...but this year he actually wrote on one whole side of the card. It brought tears to my eyes. And mom too wrote how much she loved me. Never underestimate what it does for someone to literally sit down and write out  your feelings for them. It will make their day.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I walked into my studio the other day and this butterfly was on my floor. I couldn't resist putting him on my rotary cutter and taking a picture of him. Now these are colors that I would never have thought to put together....but if God did...why can't I? Inspiration truly comes from the unlikeliest places.
 So go out and catch a butterfly today and see what color combination you can come up with!

Linda.....our angel!

What in the world would Ken and I do without Linda? I shudder to think. She has not only been the backbone of the shoppe...she is always there to give an encouraging word when needed....and I know you customers out there love her. She always makes time for everyone and their quilting projects. We love you Linda!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally I'm Back!!

I'm back my quilting friends. I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. Ken and I have been traveling the country and I think this is the first time ever that I forgot to take one of our cameras. Ugh!!

So first of all I still have a few pictures to share with you from Quilt Walk. It blessed me to see some of my own patterns made by others hanging in the show:                   

My sweet friend Lana made this one. It was a kit Ashley designed for her when she was still working for us.

 Another good ole Meet Me In Paris:
Unfortunately my camera started acting up on me and I wasn't able to get the other ones. Jessica at the pharmacy for one, made an awesome Meet Me In Paris...and I'm pretty sure it was her first quilt!

One night I stopped in at Vicki's house...usually there is a bunch of ladies quilting away there in the evening and her sweet hubby is usually feeding them dinner....well, surprise, surprise...I walk in and everyone is just sitting around talking. I ask "What is up with this girls? I thought you all would be quilting!" But everyone had either been teaching all day or going to class and everyone was 'quilted out'! They did share a few of their quilts with me though...and some amazing strawberry shortcake.

It happens to be a cool and rainy day here in Panguitch...which I love, internet connection is so slow that it has taken me forever to upload these images. The rest will have to wait for tomorrow!