Monday, March 11, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Haystack Block 10 Tutorial)

Another Monday....
another Block!

Welcome back to:
I drove home in the pouring rain at 5 a.m.
from Tory's to be able to get this block to you all like promised!!

Yeah...I know....
if I had it together...I could preplan a little better..
do my posts ahead of time.

But something I haven't shared yet.
Kenny Roy....the Guitar Man....
left for North Dakota January 10th and I haven't seen him since.
Oh this could sound so dramatic...
like he left me.
No girls!
He got a job up there on the oil rigs fracking.

No more cutting fabric for that 'ole boy.

He's happy, thrilled actually to be in a man's job again.
But guess who got his full-time job??

So yes. I'm behind. Will I ever catch up?

On to the block:

I tried to find a block that I thought related to a 'haystack'.
These haystacks can be a work of art to make them
stand erect over time,
weather jumping kids and rough cowboys pulling them apart.

The Rancher didn't believe in having a television.
Nope. He never had one, and still doesn't.
So us kids....of course thought we were abused,
and that surely he should have been turned into somebody for the neglect!

Funny thing....I still don't have a TV.
Ken was used to one and talked me into having one for a few years...
but I couldn't handle it.

So us kids, had haystacks, work, animals, a pond etc.

Our haystack housed more fun than just about anything.
King of the Hill...hiding places, you name it.

The Rancher also housed a Sunday morning church meeting in his home.
To paint a picture...
our living room had three full sides of windows.
No curtains, no blinds.
One could see the comings and goings of the ranch.

On this particular Sunday...
people were having a hard time concentrating on the dealings of the Holy Spirit.

The haystack was on fire.

Big and beautiful, roaring fire!

No more haystack that year. 

All was well.
The fire put out.
The people calmed.
Back to reality.
But I sure liked that Sunday.
Didn't have a hard time sitting still in my seat.

onto our block:

You will need to cut:

A (24) White 1 1/2" squares
B (12) Green 1 1/2" squares
C (12) Yellow 1 1/2" squares
D (12) Red 1 1/2" squares

And of course time to make some Half Square Triangles
Click Here for Tutorial on HST's 
Make 8 A/B HST's
Make 8 A/C HST's
Make 8 A/D HST's
  Layout on Key:
          Sew Row 1 pieces to Row 2 pieces:
            If you are having trouble keeping your pieces situated right,
I've come up with a solution.
It might seem a little tedious,
but this time I didn't have to do any ripping out!
First block in this project for that to happen.

So keep Row 1 and Row 2 blocks together.
Don't cut them apart.

Continue sewing Row 3 and 4 together.

Lay them beside Row 1 and Row 2, not taking them apart.
Do the same with Rows 5 and 6.

Now sew Row 1/2 to Row 3/4

Rows 3/4 to 5/6.
Clip apart, lay them out and now sew the horizontal rows together:
And there you have it...

another block done!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!



  1. this never ceases to amaze me. i get a headache just looking at it. i swear i could never do this! you are amazing!

  2. Great looking block--and I love hearing about the haystack.

  3. Well you made that look easy!! Beautiful block...thank YOU!

  4. So pretty. :) I'm having the best time reading these stories!