Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Peek into my Reading Life....

Current books in my own library on crafting that I am reading.
 Do you ever wish you could know a little more 
about how a person ticks?

I do.
Thus...I am sharing a part of my private life with you today!

My current books from the library.
Is anyone else having trouble posting photos that have been positioned right, but when you put them on Blogger they go back to the original way they were taken?

First of all...
I keep a notebook with me so when I am at places and see a book
I want to get from the library I can jot it down.
 I then keep notes to the side for when I've ordered it from the library, and if it is a book I want to purchase for my library.
Before doing this I used to always try to 'remember'....
what book I saw and wanted...yeah right!
The memory just ain't what it used to be. 

  Another thing I have come to adore is

 If you aren't apart of this and love to read,
I highly recommend it!
You can keep track of books online you see that you want to read,
record and review books you have read,
hook up with 'reading' friends,
and because of the lists you create,
Good Reads makes a list of Recommendations just for you.

And last but not least,
I adore my new Kindle Fire HD the Guitar Man
bought for me before he left.
I never thought I'd like to read a book on a screen,
but it's been great!
Especially for times waiting around for something,
I can pop my little Kindle out of my purse and
catch up on some reading, instead of hauling books around.

Make sure you sign up for 

I downloaded their app onto my device
and each day they have a list of all kinds of FREE books
you can download!  

Here is my own little reading nook by the fireplace...
      And I have to tell you,
if you've never been to a used bookstore you are missing out.
We have a fantastic one here in Nashville called McKay Books.
A HUGE delicious store to get one's self lost in.
I turn in books from my own library that I don't want anymore for 
store credit or cash there. 

Yesterday I went downtown to our favorite place to have breakfast together...
that man that used to be here..hrumpf!
Provence Bread Cafe.
Ordered their omelet with artisan cheese, had them put some spinach in it,
served with fresh fruit and artisan bread toast,
and sat and read.

Next door to this place is the Bookman Bookwoman used bookstore.
I can find more books in this tiny little place that I am looking for to buy secondhand,
than anywhere else.
Yesterday I found the King Arthur's Flour Cookbook for 1/2 price.

I also sit at Books A Million and spend hours reading and writing.
One of my top 5 things to do.
And if I have the energy, I will go across town to Brentwood and hang out at the lovely Barnes and Noble. That is if I want to fight traffic.

My latest finds at BAM
Loving both of these reads!!

So there you have it ladies....

And after this post,
I think I'm just going to head down to BAM now to get a little inspiration,
a pick me up with a latte' before I really dive into  my day!

Happy Reading you all!
And I would love to know what your favorite book of late has been!



  1. I love to get lost in a used book store. If you are ever in Portland, don't miss Powell's.
    Was that King Arthur's 200th Anniversary cookbook? A great one! If you are in to whole grains, keep your eyes out for their Whole Grain Baking cookbook!
    Not much I have read recently is going on my top favs list. When life gets stressful I reach for lighthearted reading, and Phillip Gulley's Harmony series has brought me a few laughs, as he tells the story of a small town Quaker minister.

  2. i have a pile i need to dive into but have not had the time!

  3. What fun!
    Also check out for free Kindle books of the day. And for free kindle Christian literature (which includes novels too) . I have found some great ones that way.

  4. Your is big trouble Missy!! I have just spent the last hour on Good Reads!! Yikes I love it, thank you so much!!

  5. I definitely agree with Janet O. Powell's in Portland is not to be missed if you are a book lover. It has rooms and rooms of books. I enjoy all kinds of books and have many favorites. One of my current fiction writers is Elizabeth Lynn Casey. She writes a mystery series about a librarian who is new to a small southern town and is invited to join a sewing circle where she is welcomed by some and resented by others. When I am looking for something non fiction I go with history or biography.

  6. Powell's in Portland is the Mecca of new & used books. They have great free author & poetry readings. Powells is the best place to be on one of our many rainy dayMy fav spot is the Reading Room where you can read & have coffee or tea while you people watch out the window. I hear it is a very hot spot for finding a date. It is Portlands' #1 place for people on a 1st date to meet. This is probably because there are so many things to see & talk about you won't experience any of the usual awkward silences may occur.
    The past couple of years I have purchased a lot of gently used or very cheap new book via Ebays' auctions. I have been decluttering my home at the same time and decided that I would keep a designated box for books I had finished reading. Several times a year I take the filled box to my local library. The library in turn sells them at their book fair fundraisers. I get to read the book, a less cluttered house and a tax deduction. The library gets good quality books to sell & support their childrens' programs. Win Win.

  7. The past couple of years I have purchased a lot of gently used or very cheap new book via Ebays' auctions. I have been decluttering my home at the same time and decided that I would keep a designated box for books I had finished reading.

  8. Seeing what a person is reading does give you a peek into their life. All the books on my Kindle are freebies! Haven't bought one yet. Still getting lots of "paper" books from the library.

    I like "Reshaping it all" by Candace Cameron Bure. I've checked it out from the library twice and renewed it several times. Eventually I should buy it for my Kindle.

  9. It beats me how you find time to read, as well as everything else you do! I wish I was as organised as that with a notebook. At the moment I'm reading Far from the Madding Crowd. I've been reading it for a while though because, for some reason, I seem to have less time for it now I'm not working.
    Teresa x