Monday, January 28, 2013

Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along - Join Now!!

Oh Goodie, it's here!!

My new blog button for our Quilt Along!

~If you'd like to post it on your blog you can copy the code on the upper right side of my blog~

I'm so excited about this ladies.
I've been up in the middle of the night thinking of the stories I can tell about 'Ranch Life',
i.e.....raising a pig in my know, stuff like that!

And through it all we will get a quilt finished!

So here's the particulars:

~Each Monday I will post a new block~
~These are all 6" blocks~
~Tutorials will be Added to Each Blog Posting~
~And on some Fridays I will Post a Linky Party
for you all to share your work with each other
and possibly tell some stories of your own!~
In November I will post a setting solution for the quilt!
So that by Christmas, you will have a quilt to either give away or keep.
Something to think about, if you are wanting a new Christmas Quilt for yourself too.
I'm doing one set of my blocks in Christmas colors.

And that's it! 
Keeping it sweet and simple!

Here are links to:
Block 1 
Block 2 
Block 3 

I sure hope you all will join in! Let your friends know too, and let's just see how many we can get to join us!

Gotta get sewing.....

See ya soon....

P.S. If you want to know who created my button it is Karen Valentine
over at 
Valentine Design!
Check out her work ... it is fabulous!
She can help you out if you need some blog work done!


  1. Oh, John'aLee, I wasn't going to do another intense QAL this year. I am such a spineless creature. No resistance. But last year when I was doing the Barrister's Sow-along, I was doing two sets--one in scrappy shirt plaids and one in Christmas prints. The Christmas blocks fell by the wayside as life got busy. I determined that this year I needed to make the Christmas fabric blocks. I already have some finished, so maybe I will do every other one of your blocks in Christmas prints so I get my Christmas quilt finished without the pressure of a weekly block. Can you tell I am rationalizing my lack of resistance? : )

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is going to be so much fun!

  3. Hi dear John'aLee! I've tried to say that I wasn't going to do any New projects - so many UFO's to get done - but you know - I'm a rancher's daughter (granddaughter/greatgranddaughter/wife...) so of course I'm going to join in!!! What rancher's daughter doesn't like flowers??? Well, I stumbled upon a great buy on ebay - 20 floral FQ for 99 cents - of course there was shipping, but it came out to about $1.25/yd - so I'll add a background fabric and away we'll go!! Looking forward to the journey! By the way, Kash is adorable!!

    Blessings sweet lady!

  4. I am IN on this...I started my first block last night and have all the pieces cut out....yippee!!

  5. Wow! That is a gorgeous button. :D

  6. I am joining the quilt along and have added the button to my blog!

  7. Great button!!! I'm ready to get quilting.

  8. Oh, good gravy! How can I NOT join in?! I'm not a rancher's daughter, but I'm a ranch wife and we have a rancher's daughter. Good enough? My plate is full, but I can not resist. I'll just squish things up a bit to make room. Now, do I make this in western prints or pretty florals? Decisions, decisions!

  9. Where in the heck have I been??? I must be spending too much time on Pinterest and missing out on some other really good things! I just bought a Civil War book 6"/12" blocks. I think this journey would be wonderful with you! I would love to play along. xxoo