Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Accidental Love Story

Part 2 of "What I've Been Up To"
There was a dog named Chloe.
Tory and her Lost Soldier Boy had found her at the pound.

And low and behold....
it was the dog,
who brought the new soldier boy into her life.

She was headed up to New York for a ceremony for her fallen soldier,
and Steven (above) who was the best friend of the couple she was living with
offered to keep her dog.

He became a  friend to her in her grief.
 He was there for her.
 He consoled her.
 He fell in love with her.

She leaned on him and in her own words, it was him that kept her from self-destructing!

And then the news she came home crying to me about...
"Mom, I'm pregnant!"

And so the journey of love began all over again!

Just days before baby was to be born they were going to go to the courthouse to get married.
But moms, and sisters stepped in and said, "No Way! We want to be apart of all  this!"

So plans changed to getting married on the plantation in Alabama he grew up on and that has been in the family since the 1820's.

Hiccup: Her big sis called crying from North Dakota...
there was no way she could make it.

Next Plan: They were going to go to the courthouse on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and then have everyone over for a small reception.

Final Plan: I told the other moms/sisters/brothers etc....
we should plan a surprise wedding for them here at home.

we pulled it off.
In 6 days!

I will say 'more' things got crossed off of my to-do-list,
than actually got done!   

But we did it!
Tables were set...
....and guarded!
I put Mama Laura in charge of flowers. She made his adornment, all of the bouquets, and T's bouquet.
Workin' away...
I put beautiful Katelin on decorating cupcakes...
My daughter Ashley and Grandson Heston...they drove 39 hours across country to be here...
My right hand help in the kitchen! Melissa my sweet daughter who also drove the 39 hours with her 3 kids to come and Angie, Steven's step mom. Couldn't have done it without these two!! And bah humbug...this is the only pic I have of them in the kitchen!
Her big sis Brooke and my grandson Cole flew in from North Dakota
And loads of Alabama relations!

Mama Laura giving Tory the beautiful bouquet she made her!
Steven: "Am I really going to do this????"
Anxiously awaiting his bride to be....
And here she comes with her daddy...
And happily married!
I have to point out the window in the back. None of us can figure out what this is...
it looks like angel wings, and it isn't a reflection of anything else, and no other picture has it. We all felt it might have been Chris' presence! And many tears were shed.
My house is small so the re-arranging began...
Mexican Food was the menu....seeing we were all anxious to get this baby here!
The moms and the newly weds...
Dads and Moms and Newly Weds...
All the Sis's and the Newly Weds...
Steven's brother Lawrence and Dad
It was definitely a day to remember.
And somehow I felt all of my bloggie friends helped to get us here too!
All of your prayers, thoughts, etc have helped us to heal.

For any new readers Click Here!
if you would like to read more about Tory and her loss of her first soldier boy!

 Part 3 of "What I have been up to" will be  next.

The little bundle of joy!!
Baby Kash Wiley Foutch


  1. Great post!! So glad we got to be there. Miss you all...

  2. A happy story. I felt very happy for the newly weds and baby. May God Bless them always.

  3. What a wonderful story! My best wishes for the happy couple!

  4. you know really??? what wedding could be better than this? so much better than a big production with endless money being spent. and if that isn't the most gorgeous baby ever??? what a merry christmas. i think chris was looking through that window!

  5. Aww :) You guys made me cry. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful special day that you pulled off. It was beautiful.

  6. Much happiness to Tory, Steven and little Kash! What a beautiful story, out of so much sadness, love and happiness is born. I know Chris was there, watching over Tory and wishing her happiness, too.

  7. I am so glad this story has a much happier ending than the last one. And a bundle of joy as well. :D

  8. Oh John'a Lee, it is so wonderful to read this story and share in your joy!! I love it when God's Plan B shows up, surprises everyone, and sadness is turned into JOY...the dark days are taken over by the Light. My Love and Prayers are winging your way. Please tell Tory and Steven there are people they don't even know who are so happy for them. Baby Kash has 2 parents and a real home full of Love.
    Blessings & Merry Christmas
    Gmama Jane

  9. Love a happy ending. Congratulations to you all and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  10. It makes my heart sing to hear how such a horrible tradegy turned into something so wonderful for you and Tory. The new year will definitely be a brighter and happier one for all of you. Congratulations to the happy couple and brand new parents.

  11. A beautiful story and happy ending . Thanks for shareing the lovely family wedding photos with us. A Happy Christmas to you all

  12. A beautiful love story. They were meant to be. I wish them a life full of joy and happiness.

  13. Congratulations, you sure have a lot going on at your house! Merry Christmas!!

  14. What an amazing effort by everyone. And they all seemed to move mountains to get there. What wonderful memories you now have! Congratulations to all!
    Teresa x

  15. Love the blog and again thanks for posting about the transfer sheets that you sew through!