Friday, April 27, 2012


No my friends....
Just busy, busy, busy....
And on the road almost every weekend.

 I head out again early in the morning (4 a.m.)...
My parents have asked me to meet them in Orlando, Florida
for the weekend!

So this is just a quick update!

Someone asked about the soldier boy quilts....
They are being worked on.
I have a dear quilting friend who is helping me finish them up.
(Marla, darling what would my life look like without you??? 
We will share pics as soon as they are done.
There was some intense drama with the soldier boy's family...
Tory got really hurt,
and I just couldn't work on them for awhile.
We are cutting way back on our shows too.
That's big news around here.
We're beat to say the least.
Ken is looking for work...
so we shall see what this new chapter brings in our life.
Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking.
All of my time has been spent working on the last borders
for the Block  of the Months. Whew....what work!
I miss you all!!
Hugs and Love...


  1. I am so glad to see this post from you girlie! I certainly have been missing you in blogville and have wondered how you are! Best wishes on making the new changes in your life! xxoo

  2. Glad you're doing okay, John'aLee! Have fun in Orlando!

    So sorry to hear about "drama" and your Tory getting hurt... *great big sigh*

  3. Best of luck to you! Thinking about you!

  4. Ah sweetie I hope you get some time to breathe, enjoy your time in Orlando - I'll pray Ken finds the perfect job. Big big hugs!!!

  5. I have been wondering how things were going for you. So sorry to here there were more troubles for Tory. She didn't need that!
    Hope Ken finds work and life can normalize for you a bit (what is normal?)! We miss you!

  6. Glad to see your post - I'm still praying!


  7. Glad you checked in and updated us on things a bit. I hope Ken finds a nice job. Sorry Tory had more troubles. *sigh*

  8. Glad to know things are ok. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. I hope it stops pouring on your daughter and she gets some sunshine soon.

    Lots of changes in the works for you....good luck!

  10. I'm sorry Tory is still having to deal with hard things. Praying for y'all!! ENJOY Florida! :)

  11. Life gets in the way sometimes, but friends are always here for you ... Hugs for all of you dear lady ... please take care of you :)

  12. Sigh- I don't write often, especially about the Soldier Boy and the circumstances. It's very hard for me to. However, it doesn't mean I am not often, out of the blue thinking of you, your husband, Soldier Boy's family and especially Tory and sending up prayers for healing, peace and strength.

    I wish I could do more but please know that even while I may be silent, you all stay close to me and in my heart.

  13. It's good to see you again, lady...I hope Tory is ok. Grief is hard and it takes a toll on a body.

  14. I was wondering how you were getting on with your shows. Sorry to hear about your 'troubles' but pleased you're all ok. I hope Ken finds work that he likes and that you can take a well earned rest (not connected :-).
    My job finishes in a few months and I'm thinking I need to take things a bit easier.
    Teresa x

  15. Oh my friend...blessings to you and your family. I know how that job hunt thing goes and it is a tough one. I hope for you something wonderful to happen.

  16. Hi John a'Lee - it's so lovely to see you back - have been missing your posts - sorry to read that ''stuff'' has been happening and my thoughts are with you, and Tory :) I love your work, but glad you are taking things a little easier 'cos you need to look after yourself :) Take care :)

  17. Lovely to hear from you again. It will be nice to have a weekend to yourself. Good luck to you both in the next chapter.