Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More blocks for 'Her Lost Soldier Boy' Quilt Project

You all have been so good to me!

Last week at the Music City Quilter's Guild Meeting...
a lady I have never met...
brought me the quilt block above.
I took the 'work in progress' quilt for Tory
and during show and tell got up before them all and told about the project.
I was only a visitor...
I am number 18 on the waiting list to become a member in the guild.
Felt like a fool...
because I couldn't tell the story...
without crying!

For any of those new to my blog...
you can read the story Here!
And Here!

 Naomi made a darling mug rug for Tory!
This one is from my friend Nancy who has been praying for Tory since she met her 12 years ago. She made this star she said because it had a cross in the middle of it.
These blocks were sent with a beautiful plaque for Tory.
You all have been so generous.
I am amazed by everyone's effort.
It was the first time for some ladies to make a block...
for many it was their first 'star block' included...
and so many of you put intricate work into yours.
Please know each block is treasured!

There are two things that are helping me deal with my grief...

going to the mail box...
It's hard to get any work done with him around...
When I am sitting sewing...
he says "Workin grandma...I workin!"
And tries to take the needle from me...
Thank you all my quilting friends!

You have my heart...


  1. Those stars are just is amazing to see how different and wonderful each one is. Yes...I think that cutie of yours would certainly help!!

  2. So glad that you've received my blocks :) There are so many amazing stars! What a cute little 'helper' you have :)

  3. My little grandson saw the picture of yours and said, "That's me!" lol Such little blessings they are, always giving us a reason to smile. :o)

  4. Never be ashamed of your raw emotions. Trust me, we would all be the same way in your shoes!!!

    The blocks are just amazing...beautiful and touching!

  5. So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures with us - it warms my heart to know of all the generosity in this world. Thank you :)

  6. Lovely star blocks.... quilters are so generous!

  7. Wow--I love that Mariner's compass block. Just Beautiful!! So many wonderful stars.
    I'm guessing you are only showing part of what has arrived (I'm hoping). If not, my second batch are lost in the mail somewhere between Utah and Tennessee! : )

  8. wow - I'm in love with that top star! (a waiting list to join a guild? I've never heard such a strange thing!)

  9. you should contact someone in hollywood about making this story into a movie. i would be first in line to see it!

  10. I am speechless of how beautiful the blocks are, as I'm sure you are. I can't wait to see the finished quilts.

  11. He is the cutest! Love seeing all the blocks and how generous and caring quilters are!

  12. You have gotten so many absolutely terrific blocks! This truly has been a labor of love on your part and a great outpouring of sympathy (and love) on the part of all these blockmakers. When you are done, maybe you can report on how many folks made blocks and how many states and countries were represented. (I'm figuring you are keeping track of that.)

  13. I think your local TV station and newspaper need to learn of this story. Please contact them!! it's a great human interest story and with all the gorgeous blocks it would be a perfect story to tell!!
    Gmama Jane

  14. I've not seen that star design before (the top one)- it's beautiful!
    It's not surprising you got upset. It must be more difficult to talk to people outside the family at this stage, than to talk to those close to you who already know all that you do. You were brave to give it a go.
    Teresa x

  15. What beautiful stars! And oh, one more coming... I found it left behind on the design board, oops!