Friday, June 10, 2011

Mylar Hexagon Templates Available Here!!

I can't believe I didn't give you all a LINK 
to order the Plastic Hexagons from!!

Here's a table runner I've made out of the 3/4" Hexagons...

And the tutorial pic...
Here's what I'm making with them....
A star pattern....

Thank you all sooooo much 
for your lovely comments...
both here and at Stash!
I sure do appreciate each and every one  of them.
I answered several of you...
but had to stop and get off the computer...
seeing I am under deadline for this
pattern I am working on!

Thanks for understanding!

P.S. Here's a pic of some pieces I have been working on...


  1. Thanks for the link. The examples you gave us are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful hon - don't worry about answering comments - get busy!

  3. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to try the plastic templates. The paper ones get so "beat up"!! OH btw - I'm a follower!!

  4. Hi Love your Hexagons...would love to win some
    to use. Have always wondered how they worked. I
    have been using paper for years.

    Thanks Pauline

  5. Thank you for including the link to purchase the hexagons. I read your tutorial at Stash Manicure and would love to try them.

  6. I am a new follower and had a great time with the tutorial on hexie's!!

  7. Thanks for the link. I really do want to try this version as I wasn't very fond of the paper

  8. I would love to win a set. I've only used the traditional paper, & love the idea of reusable sturdy templates. Hope I win some!!

  9. I saw your tutorial at Stash Manicure. I've been wanting to thank you but was having trouble with posting. I loved your method for connecting each hexagon. So much tidier than the way I was taught.

  10. I saw your tutorial at Stash Manicure but have had trouble posting a comment. Thank you for demonstrating a better way of connecting the hexagons. It looks much tider than the way I was taught.

  11. Hi, I would love to order a set but may I ask what size you used on stash and what was that amazing fabric? Thank you!

  12. Just bought some of these last week and now, thanks to you, have a perfect tutorial to follow! Thank you so much!

  13. I have just been trying to catch up with you... and your blog posts! wow, your hexies are awesome! I love that tumble block too!!!

  14. I have made a king size quilt with the hexagon mylar squares and it is beautiful. I can not stop looking at it. My quilting club loves it and the thing is I have never made a quilt in my life before. It becomes contagious making all those pretty flowers
    Mary Ann

  15. I love stitching hexagons but hate cutting paper out. I have sent you a message via your shop site because I NEED to buy your Mylar Hexagons please. I live in England so I need to be able to pay you too.
    Patti xxx