Thursday, June 16, 2011

Several of you are still wondering about the Hexagon Templates. We Have Them In Stock! JUST CLICK HERE!!

Baby Hexie's (1/2")....
aren't they sweet.
Notice the one on the bottom left.
The center needs to be redone.
I thought this would have been a great fabric..
but it actually stands out too much!
Oh and look at this one...
You can make a 1" Hexie Flower
and add a 1/2" baby on top!
When I am on the go with these little goodies...
I cut out squares larger than I need...
so I can center my hexagon
in different places..
to get different values
and scales for the flowers.

This is a rough drawing
for the final borders of
Buttercream Summer.

It is going to take 36  1/2" hexagon flowers!
Where would we be without our
Quilting Friends?

I just received an email
from dear Wendy...
offering to help me make these!

Love you Wendy!
The package is going out tonight...

If you notice...
my blue tray...
in the photos....
It is a top to a tupperware...
and really helps me to have a flat surface to work on.

Needles make a difference too gals.
I use Straw Needles #10.
I love a 'thin' needle...
especially when basting
because there is so many layers to go through.

And when it comes to thread....
I love YLI Silk thread
when sewing the hexagons together.
It just glides through the fabrics.
(Especially love the Taupe color)

When you are basting the templates
and fabrics together...
just use any 'old' thread you 
want to use up.
These stitches won't matter in the end.
Now the next few pictures...
I hesitated even posting.

They aren't that clear.

But there are some good points that might help you all out.

I figured out these points were helpful
when the Guitar Man...
was basting templates for me
at the Spring Seminar we went to.
(Yep! The women there were really impressed with him!)

Here goes...
Here I am using a 2 1/2" fan blade I cut out
for Buttercream Summer.

In other words.....
tiny scraps can be used for the 1/2".

I center the template where I want it...
and finish trimming up the fabric 3/8" around the

Now I place an 'applique' pin in the middle...

The first fold should be taken
 parallel to the pin.

This way...
when you get to the end of the hexagon...
the pin will slip out easily.
Now make sure you fold over the first edge
real crisply....
and the next fold real crisply.
This will make a huge difference when
you start sewing the hexagons together.
Make sure all folds are being
folded towards you...
especially the last one...
The last one...
seems to want to go katty-wompus!

just wanted to pass on these tips.
Hope it helps!

If any of you still want to order...
Just Click Here!!

And Jane....
here's some pic's for you...
I've been digging through my scraps...
trying to find you some fabrics...

In closing...
I thought I'd show you 
the stew I put together 
this morning...
all from the Nashville Farmer's Market...
even the meat...
Just so I could work on hexies all day. Smile!

Have a great Evening!



  1. where do you get your templates from? I have no shops near so I always have to order on line - do you have an on-line shop to get them from - sure are cute and would be a way to use up some little scraps!

  2. Those are tiny hexies! The stew looks delicious. I'll drop by.
    Beckie in Brentwood.

  3. Whatever you are doing looks awesome! Are there other posts to say where that background came from? I am a new follower and my interest is peaked!

  4. What a great post! I love stopping by! Thanks!

  5. It's a good thing you posted tips my dear! I'd certainly not want to disappoint :) :) Can't wait to see what the package will bring me! Hugs to you!!

  6. Just found your beautiful blog. love the way your using hexi's as flowers and adding the extra stitchery to complete the picture.
    (Your lateset follower)

  7. So happy you shared the tutorial. I have never made any hexagons so I will be needing this tutorial when I start the 4th block. I am actually working on the 5th block right now. This is so much fun watching you design this quilt.

  8. Thanks for all your help with the hexagons. I will be putting all your info to use in the next few weeks.

  9. Thank you so much for the pictures! I sent you an email. I am so excited!!

  10. I just love your fabrics....and your hexies are adorable and what you are going to do with them is out of this world!

  11. Beautiful flowers - and that stew looks yummy!