Friday, March 11, 2011

And Who Says This Is A Glamorous Live??

Me and my sweet little grand daughter Jaime

Someone told me a few weeks ago
that a lot of people think I live 
a real glamorous life!

Really now?
Let me tell you gals how it really is!!

Little over a week ago...
we left for our show in Texarkana, TX.

The Guitar Man...
literally stayed up all night...
the night before
working on orders from the 'previous'
30 day run...
and then got in the car at 5 a.m.
his head never even hitting the pillow!

I tried to hit the sheets around 1 in the morning...
same night...
but couldn't sleep 
with all the noise 
of the trailer being loaded,
so up I got and helped him finish.

I never drive...
but this run I knew he needed help.
It was a 10  hour drive...
We took turns catching a few winks
in the back seat on my feather bed
before  pulling into the fairgrounds
at Texarkana.
Just in time...
to start setting up.

Arrived home...
went to the supplier...
started on more kits...
back in the car 72 hours later...

and on ...
and on...

Next week...
same story!

The following week...
same story!

Now I'm not a complainin' girls...
just sayin!

This is the way it is.
Not too glamorous eh?

I will tell you that it is the people who keep us going!

And there was one especially special lady at this show.
Miss Gwen!
This lady was a hoot!
She kept bringing people over to my booth...
picking up the pen off of my table
 showing them 
where to sign on the dotted line..
to sign up for my 
Mystery Block of the Month.

She also brought this jacket for me as a gift
at the end of the show!

We both went on and on
the two days of the show
talking about 'pink'...
and thus the gift.
I was overwhelmed and touched.

  I was thrilled 
that Miss Jaime
wanted to learn how to sew!

She even gave demos
when I took a break...

It too was great to meet up
with our daughter Tammy
and her new hubby...

And I have to show the pic
of the goofy
Guitar Man
with our grand daughter...
He's gonna love me for this one!

I just wanted to check in...

This is a short and sweet one!

Until Later...


  1. So nice to see pics of your family! Hurry back to Tennessee soon - you're missed!!

  2. I don't know how you and hubby do it! I know you go all over the country and I have often read that you work in the car on embroidery and quilting. And then having to sleep in strange beds ... I like my own too much!
    Great pics of some of your family :)
    Be careful on the road!

  3. What an interesting post...maybe you can write a book about your travels...squeeze in the time somehow....

  4. How do you guys do it - there was a time when I could go without sleep like that but never more, lol! Your granddaughter is darling. Stay safe on the road and try to get some rest!

  5. And who wouldn't love your new BOM? they are getting better and better.

  6. It's amazing that you found time to post, with your "glamorous" life going on! your booth looks great, and I hope those sales keep on rolling in. (Neat you could have Jaime, and have your daughter show up!) :-}pokey

  7. Your grand gal is a doll. SO cute her sewing demos!I know you all work hard ,very hard. I used to do craft shows only local and that was work! Can only imagine the load you all carry! Loved all the pics!

  8. I don't know how you do it! As nice it would be to meet all those wonderful quilters, I would be a zombie by the end of the day.
    Stay safe, and rest when you can.

  9. I admire you! Wishing you more sleep! Thank you for all you do for all of us! You are so inspiring!

  10. I'm ready for a nap just reading this. The time changes must make it extra interesting!
    Enjoy the family pictures, your grandaughter is darling. I can't wait till ours picks up needle and thread with me!
    Assuming you'll be at the BQE, can't wait to visit your booth
    Safe travels