Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer in the South.....

Lots of Planning going on....
Loving' the Summer down here in the South!
And it's been a cool one at that!

I've been going down to the River Walk and Marina
quite a bit with my Planner, Journals, Journaling Supplies,
Books, etc.....
 Love this little cart I found at a garage sale for $2!
It goes to the Farmer's Market with me every Saturday morning....
and it hauls my stuff down to the river's edge as well!
Some fabrics I found to make a simple patchwork quilt for my kitchen!
A pic of one of my customer's Meet Me In Paris' in progress....

So what are all of you working on?

And now for my excuse why I have not been posting.
All of my pics used to automatically load into Google+ 
and they don't anymore.
So I'm trying to see what is going on.
Does anyone know if there's a limit on photos stored there?
Maybe I need to go and do some deleting.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!

When I get this all figured out, I will get my blog post caught up.

P.S. For those who commented last time, I somehow lost all of my emails, so I didn't comment back to any of you. So sorry!!


  1. What a pretty place to ponder and write.
    Hope things are going well for you!

  2. Those carts are The Best for all sorts of things... and hauling stuff to the river to sit, ponder, and write is a good use for them.

    Such beautiful fabrics.... makes me wanna visit my LQS! :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen the fabrics.

  4. Johna'Lee - I LOVE that fabric. I mean seriously love it. Are you making a miniature to hang or as a table covering? Can't wait to see what you do. Hugs - Dori -

  5. Hi John'aLee, Love that cart - it looks very useful. Sorry I wish I could help with your photo problem but it's all a mystery to me.
    Teresa x