Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FREE Online Summer Class

Hi Peeps!

I just signed up for a FREE Online Summer School!
I thought I'd share the information with you, 
in case any of you might be interested:

Since taking my first online journaling class this year
I can't believe what has come out of me.
I look back at my journals from this first quarter of the year and think to myself,
"Wow, if I hadn't taken this class I wouldn't have all these pages of yumminess!"

So I am a true and tried convert.
If you are afraid to commit to an online class, it's a great way to start.
Just sign up for a FREE one and you will have nothing to lose.
You too might be surprised not only what you will learn,
but how it will push you in a way nothing else ever has.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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