Monday, February 10, 2014

Jouranling, Planning, My New Kikki K Planner...

A Happy Monday to You All!

I thought you might need a dose of color and inspiration....
so I thought I'd share some pics of what has been filling my heart, hands and life in general!
My new Kikki K planner.
I have been having a ball playing with the colors.
Many years ago Sea Foam Green was an 'in'color,
and now it is back, but they are calling it 'Mint'.
It goes so well with hot pinks, reds, yellows, other playful pinks,
polka dots, stripes and touches of black.
And yes, I broke down and bought a Raskog Cart from Ikea...
Love, love it.
I'm still working on organizing it.
It's so much more fun to create when things are in order....
Tory saw the box sitting, waiting for the hubby to come home and put it together. But what a sweetie, she grabbed it, 8 1/2 months pregnant and all and was determined to put it together for me. I hate doing these kinds of things!
Of course Little Baby Boy thought she needed help, so Gama went and got him his own set of tools....
Then her Soldier Boy came home, and things really got down to business....
So in Love....
Part of my plan this year is to get organized in all aspects of my life.
I have two words this year:
One is Organization
The other is Heal
So we are well on our way....

Have a Happy Week Girls!
Toodles of Love...


  1. Love your planner and the beautiful colors! I got a Raskog cart for Christmas and am in love with it!

  2. Wow -- what a pretty cart ... I wonder if I could fit one of these in the RV?!? LOL! Hugs! :)

  3. I love those colors and that cart is the cat's meow!!!

  4. Great looking cart! You seem to be well on your way to "organization"!
    I like the sound of "healing".

  5. what a great cart! i did not know tory is pregant! does she know what she is having yet? congrats to her whole family!

  6. Handsome, helpful , crew And Springtime colours! Now fill that lovely
    Filofax with tons of love filled To-Do's! Thank you for the sunny post! It's -30C this morning but these brilliant colours reminds me of warmer times ahead? xoDebi

  7. Wonderful to see our post. I love the cart. I've seen it at IKEA and have thought about adding it to my wish list :-) It's just so cute!!!

  8. I love your new organizer - I am constantly looking for new, more efficient ways to store and use all my stitching "stuff." That looks like it will be very useful. blessings, marlene

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos!! Your family looks beautiful in every way and I wish you much success in the organization progress ... you look to be well on your way!!

  10. Oh, I may have to get myself one of those carts! It would be great for quilting stuff! I spy - a beautiful quilt!!!

  11. A real team effort, well done everyone.
    I should give myself a word for the year - something like 'time management' or 'motivation' would be about right.
    Teresa x

  12. I love all the sweet bright stickers and notepads! Would love to find some so bright and cheery. Not that I don't love your cart, I do! I have one also!