Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter (Week 23) The Cheatin' Block

The Rancher's Daughter is making bread today...
Now I know you are wondering about the name of this new block!

Well, when I walked back into my studio after getting home, I found the drawings for 3 easy blocks I designed for while I was away.
Of course....I forgot to take them with me...
but it kind of feels like cheatin'...
I'm not vacationing...
I should be working on a more detailed block.

So while I was thinking about this, I remembered the one time I got caught cheating in high school.
Yep me!
I was a junior in history class.
One of my cohorts didn't want to write his essay on the country he chose,
I didn't want to draw the map for my country,
so we came up with a plan.
I'd do his essay...
he'd do my map.

How did we get caught?

He spelled ASIA wrong on both maps!!!

Go figure!

I was choosing the wrong guys even back then.

I was thinking back to that time and how I felt so intimidated to 'draw' anything.
If someone would have told me that years from then, people
would be paying me for my work,
I would have thought it a cruel joke.

Life sure does get interesting.

The best part of this story...
that same teacher hired me on as his class assistant the next year in his history class.
Never could figure out why!

Okay so here's the EASY block!
And I have to confess...
you wouldn't believe how much ripping out I had to do on this one.
I've had an easier time with the more intense blocks.
I guess that's what I get for trying to slide by.

Draw out block: Cut Pieces
Cutting Instructions:
(A) Cut (9) 2½ X 2½" Squares
 (B) Cut (6) 2½" X 2½" Squares

Make (6) A/B Half Square Triangles

Layout block and stitch rows together vertically:

Stitch rows together horizontally:

And there you have it! 
One easy, cheatin' block!!

The bread is coming out of the oven,
so time to open up the homemade peach jam,
and break out  a slab of butter...

Toodles My Lovely Friends,


  1. Welcome home! and thanks for an easy block this week!

  2. I love the block. Everytime I read your blog you have me laughing & hitting the top of my desk. You are funny.

  3. Your block is lovely. Everytime I read your blog you have me laughing & hitting the desk top. I so enjoy your blog.

  4. Oh, I love an easy block--don't ever apologize for one!
    Yum! I wish bread was coming out of my oven right now, but I need to get some more wheat ground first. : )

  5. I'll be right over for the buttered bread and jam....the heck with the diet! LOL