Monday, April 1, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Dirty Dishes Block 13 Tutorial)

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along
Dirty Dishes Block 13

Sorry for posting so late today my friends...
Between helping to take care of baby Kash while daddy is deployed...
Can't get this to position right...but had to show you baby playing in Grandma's scraps...

And also doing my job, Ken's job, taking care of everything at home all by my little 'ole self,
I am getting soooo behind!!

I want to thank you all too so much for taking the time to comment.
Your comments keep me inspired more than you know.
I will get around to answering them this week.

Okay...enough of the pity party....
Now for this week's block.

It's a pretty easy one!

 I called it Dirty Dishes, because for some reason,
I was thinking this week about the time when we were kids
and The Rancher found a dirty glass in the cupboard.
The Punishment?
We had to take every dish out of every cupboard and rewash it!!
Can you believe that?
But it worked....he never found a dirty dish again.

I even used this once on my own kids!
Kinda funny, how it doesn't seem so cruel when you can't get your own kids to do the dishes right!

Cutting Instructions:

A (4) 1½ X 2½ Rectangles  Red/White Polka Dot
(16) 1½ X 1½ Squares Red/White Polka Dot

B (4) 1½ X 1½ Squares Red Polka Dot

C (16) 1½ X 1½ Squares Green Print  
(4) 1½ X 1½ Squares Green Print

D (1) 2½ X 2½ Squares Red Print

Make 16 A/C Half Square Triangle Units
 Using Key,
layout HST's with other cut pieces:
Sew together in rows horizontally:
Sew rows together vertically:
 And there you have it!

Thanks again so much for following along.
Don't forget to upload your pics to our Flickr account too!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, this is a pretty one--and if you can combine it with easy, what a bonus! Thanks, Johna'Lee

  2. What a beautiful block. The fabrics you chose really pronounce it!!

  3. Pretty, pretty block! LOVE it!

  4. Just found your blog and have become a "FOLLOWER"
    Hope to visit often!!

  5. Haha! Oh, wow - what a memory! :)

  6. This could be my favorite block so far and of course Kash is soooooo cute....Love your blog...

  7. I just posted my block on Flickr. I think this is my favorite so far! I love them all. Thank you !!!