Friday, September 23, 2011

A Finished Block for Tory

I managed to get a center block done
for the quilt I will make Tory,
when all the blocks come in.

I also had to share with you these fabrics
I picked up at the quilt shoppe 
in Watkins Glen...
Aren't they yummy?
I'm trying to see if we can get the whole line into the shoppe.
They come in a lavender color too.

If we do...
we will definitely be making
Meet Me In Paris kits out of them...
as well as Whimsy Lane kits!

Back to my stitchin'....


  1. John'aLee, your center block is so perfect, just beautiful. I'm trying to get my blocks finished up and on their way in the next few days. Oh my gosh, the new fabric is sooooo gorgeous and purple happens to be my favorite color, especially in either a lovely pastel or a rich deep shade. Love pink to but if you put the right purple and yellow together, I'm sold, LOL. Hugs...

  2. I love the block you did for the center of Tory's quilt. I should have a block in the mail to you by the beginning of the week.

  3. The center block is perfect. I love the beautiful floral fabrics.

  4. The blocks and fabrics are just wonderful. I am disappointed, I thought I ordered 3 different fabrics and I only got two...hummm...will go out today and look for some red or see if any of my red will match...oh well...least ways it is a start!!

  5. that is wonderful. the quilts will be such keep sakes. how is tory doing?