Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Block Done in the Mystery Quilt!

A Summer Afternoon Read
 I'm pooped.
I need to climb right into this quilt block...
and veg out for the day!

This block looked fine looking at it straight on...
but now that I've posted it...
the letters look like they are going
down hill....
Don't we all just love to pick out...
and repeat??
(Thank you Stitched with Prayer for your 
comment! I do believe it is the photo that is askew.!)

I forgot to post the pic
of the previous block.
It doesn't show up too well
in this picture,
but it really is a sweet little block.
It says "Friends are Like Flowers...Many Petals...Many Layers"

We are working around the clock once again 
getting ready for 
Knoxville Show 
next week.
I'll have some new 
Meet Me In Paris Kits
to unveil...
and I'm designing
a bunch of
Whimsy Lane Kits
in different colors.

Here's the Guitar Man's work....
9th Month in Mystery Quilt (16 fabrics!)
from last night.

Our customers love that we label
all of our fabrics in kits.

And here...
The Scrappy Appleyard....


Where would we be without you??

We love and appreciate you all!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. Confession to make...
I am truly a farm girl at heart....
Check out this great blog tour going on today
over at 
Deborah Jean's Dandelion House


  1. New block is so cute!! can't wait to see in guys in a few weeks ;)

  2. Oh you DO CARE about us!! My jelly rolls arrived and I am in love!!! Thank you!! for all your hard work and good luck in Knoxville!

  3. Hey girly! Thanks for bringing your lovely talented self over to Farmgirl Friday! Your work is just amazing!!!
    Love it!
    ps Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Awww...John'aLee, if you look closely at the picture of the block, you will see that you just took the photo at an angle cause the chair, stool and table are at the same angle as the words, sooooo...the block is straight, your photo is just a tad skewed. Don't you think? :o) Big Hugs...

  5. Hi John'aLee... First I want to Wish you "Happy Birthday"... I have been busy and I did not wish you a great day... I love the block great read... The chair seems so comfy... Hugs :)

  6. I just love these blocks!!! I hope you have a great show, sweetie!

  7. The blocks look beautiful. I've never even attempted to make a quilt, and I'm amazed at people who are talented enough to do them.

  8. This is the cutest block! I would love it as a pillow in my reading nook!

  9. that block is perfect! truly. Don't touch your seam ripper. lol. You continue to amaze and exhaust me with all you do. Guitar Man does great work too.

  10. The new block is adorable! Good luck in Knoxville. :-)

  11. I've missed a few posts by the look of it so I'll catch up by saying 'Belated Happy Birthday', I hope you had a lovely day. Looks like we're quite close in age - I'm 49 next March!
    Another lovely block too. You get so much detail into them. Don't work too hard - remember to take some time out.
    Teresa x