Saturday, May 14, 2011

I was over at Stash Manicure today...amidst the Blogger mess!

I'm hanging out at Stash Manicure....
the story 



~Meet Me In Paris Quilt~


  1. Dear Sweet John'aLee.............I heart ached for you. Sorry you have walked what you have walked. Your story will help many.......I am sure. We have a son who's wife did the same. It still hurts.......but God has used our walk many times helping others that have gone through the same. I know with designing you can pour into that design your did and the Lord Blessed. Love your work...a blesses the eye! Thanks for being open........that blessed me also. Got to know you just a little bit better and that was very special.

    Blessings sweet that I am not working I have some designs up my sleeve that I will actually be able to get done!!!! Can't wait.

    Hugs from my farm to your sewing room,

  2. such beauty you see and share along your travels! I love popping by to see where you've been. Those quilts are amazing in your previous post.
    thanks for coming by to see me!
    Missed ya!

  3. John'aLee, I read your sweet story at Stash Manicure. Isn't it so assuring to smell the sweet fragrance of God's Hand on our lives. Even when we are walking through a fire. Thanks for sharing from your heart. Your quilts are beautiful. And so are you :-)

    Hugs, Jocelyn

  4. Such a testimony! You are a living witness of God's faithfulness, John'aLee! I thank you for revealing your story, and how it continues to encourage and touch other's hearts. Your quilt is so pretty in any color blend, also. You should try one in a show for yourself.

  5. Incredibe story about a beautiful quilt and pattern that has touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing.

  6. hi John'aLee
    I cannot imagine how crushing that experience must have been. But, how like our God to lift you out of that pit your ex tried to shove you into. He is mighty, and faithful. God bless.

  7. You are AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing your Story over at Stash Manicure! Your Quilts are Beautiful!!

    Ohio Hugs!!! :)