Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Newest Block in Buttercream Summer!

Mystery Block of the Month (Block 6) Buttercream Summer
Oh ladies....
it has been way too long....
since I have conversed with all of you!!

I pulled into home last night around 10 pm
after 30 days on the road.

Oh my...
Home Sweet Home!

Above is the latest block in 
this Mystery trip we have been on...
A Summer Afternoon Read!

I'm over the moon with this block.
It took me hours and hours
to get it just right...
but it's always rewarding
when the hard work pays off.
Let me know what you think!

So here's some pictures of the process...
  I lost count of the number of times
I had to redraw this thing!
I was first planning on having all the pieces of the chair in fabric
as well as the ottoman.
Above are all the pieces I drew on freezer paper...
then doubled up the freezer paper...
cut them all out...
only to find out...
I forgot to reverse image them.
Doggone it!!
Not a happy moment for me...
I assure you!
Now I am at my daughter's house...
and find a cubby hole
to set up in.
I don't have any applique glue
or spray starch...
so I run down to the local quilt shoppe...
and pick those up.
The Quilt Cottage...
a darling little place...
who used to be a customer of mine.
And back to work I go...
Here I am figuring out what to tell the Guitar Man
to cut..
for all the Block of the Months...
I end up with 16 pieces...
all of the templates made...
fabrics cut out...
starched and ironed down over the templates...
only to decide it isn't working!
I end up using only 4 pieces...
out of the whole lot.
Sometimes less is more!
And I stitch...
and I stitch..
and I stitch....
until finally the piece is done!

On a different note....
my bestest friend, Nancy, from Las Vegas
is coming in to spend the night with me

So hopefully after that,
I can catch up on all of your blog posts...
and get another post off to you all
about the rest of our trip!

Until then...


  1. This is such a lovely block John'a Lee, there is so much work that you put into the design of them all. It must be extremely satifying to get the finished result and such proud feeling.
    Loving them all.
    hugs Deb

  2. What an adorable block, and I can see that it would take hours and hours to are you ever stop?

    Enjoy your friend.

  3. I've been missing you! Are you going to get some time home to rest for a while?

    The block is stunning! As they all are.

  4. Welcome home, John'a Lee! Wonderful block, the chair looks so comfy!

  5. You have been gone way too long!!!!

    Have a nice visit with your friend...and then take some time to remember us...your blog friends...that you've completely forgotten about...
    LOL, just teasing. Hope the road trip was good. Love your new block! Of course, cuz I love all of your work!

  6. This is just gorgeous! I love the chair and the ottoman :) I can see where that was time consuming to design! I can't wait to receive mine. I am slowly working on mine. It is going to be a gorgeous quilt!
    I know you are glad to back home.

  7. Oh I love this block. Why don't I know how to Embroidery? Do you mind if I steal some of your blocks to post on my blog and link back to you? Let me know I won't do it without permission. Then I will let you know when they are up.

  8. Oh I love it. It is absolutely darling. Good job.

  9. Welcome home! I bet it feels good after all that time on the road! Your new block is too darling for words, I LOVE IT!

  10. That is just so adorable. Glad to see you back.

  11. So cute.... I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Glad your trip went well.

  12. You're so creative! I love your work! It's so cute and lovely.

  13. Hello beautiful John'a Lee!

    Wow - 30 days on the road!!! Gosh, it's going to feel so good to be back home?

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your gorgeous block!!! You are so very talented!!! I love the feeling of cosiness and homeliness the block emenates - it's really loving!

    Hugs sweetie!
    Vikki xoxo :-)

  14. Welcome home, John'a Lee! Are you going to be here for a while?

  15. it's fascinating to see your process and such beautiful end results!! You are so clever!!!!

  16. I love it! Oh, how I'd love to be snuggled up in that chair now with a book and a cup of something with nothing else on my mind!
    Teresa x

  17. I love this block! Its' adorable and so darned inviting... cute cute cute!
    Dandelion Wishes,

  18. Hi sweetie..oh my this is beautiful, this is going to be one heck of a you are still away or home...? or with family...still home right...connect soon.

  19. What a darling block. I love it! I had NO idea of the time, effort, patience and love it takes to make a pattern like this. It was fascinating!
    Thank you,
    Patricia :o)

  20. Hello John'a Lee!

    WOW, What a FUN surprise! Thank you for dropping by! I adore you! You know, I LOVE your quilts! That is so funny you ran into my post from two years ago! See there's proof, I'm a fan! It's great to catch up with you. Wow, you've certainly moved a long ways from Panguitch! What a beautiful place to live!

    I was so sad I missed the Yuma Quilt show. I go just to see your booth--you have the most awesome quilts and adorable kits! We were unfortunatly out of town. I'm still making creations from your adorable booth!

    Hey, I'm your newest follower! Thanks for following Deck The Halls! I also have a NEW blog with my sister Sew A little Happiness.

    Have a great weekend! Stay WARM! Come back to ARIZONA! Thanks for your inspiratoin!
    Love, Brenda
    Deck The Halls Of HOME with JOY!

  21. I love what you ended up with!
    I would go mad trying to fit the pieces together-this is very complex.
    Thanks for yr kind words!
    merci carolg

  22. I kove this block! So cute! Are you back home now? I bet you want to curl up in that chair if you are on your way home. I can't wait to see the finished block.

  23. I really like this last block that you did. I am sitting on my hands as you can see I am doing all kinds of projects. I just admire your artistic side and love what you do. Thanks for the posts!! Karen