Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow...where have the days gone? We have been in the midst of a move and some very difficult decisions that have been hard to make. Mostly, closing the shoppe for now. We have actually moved into it for the time being, until the economy gets better. After crunching the numbers, we realized we had to make some changes. And since the vending at quilt shows keeps the business running we have made the decision to go that route for now. I think this has been the hardest winter I have ever had. Dealing with health issues, coming to the realization that there was no way I could run a retreat house was pretty humbling. Oh well....thankfully I still have my business, my wonderful customers, a stash that is just waiting for me to dive into,  and even the hubby has hung around. See?? I really do need to count my blessings!
A few weeks ago we attended the Quilt Show in Henderson Nevada. It was one of our first shows, and the first place where I humbly hung my Meet Me In Paris quilt, not having any idea how the quilting world would respond to it. So going back to that place always sparks a happiness in my heart.
Here are a few pictures and happenings at the show:
For some reason my pictures turned out kind of blurry. I don't know if it was because I tried to gingerly step back as far as I could and yet not stepping on the next row of quilts, so I could get the whole quilt into the picture. But anyway, you can get the jest of these. This was an adorable quilt with embroidery as well as quilting. There was also one in red. The red pictures weren't quite as blurry.
I tried to get some close ups too, so you could really see all of the great work on it.
This darling Christmas Quilt was made by Darlene Finney and I had to take some close ups of it. The embellishing on it was amazing. She also won a ribbon on it.
So tomorrow I will wake up and tell you about my day today. How my youngest daughter called me from the courthouse and told me she was getting ready to marry her boyfriend of 2 weeks. I will then post pictures of my new pattern that is almost finished, and I will share a story about one of my customers...a guy....a trucker...who was written up in the
Wall Street Journal about his sewing studio in his big rig.
Until friends....Happy Quilting!


  1. Loved the show BUT I can't wait for the Soap Opera...The Scrappy Appleyard...saga continues tomorrow!! So exciting!! Did your daughter get married? the trucker sewing madly in his rig? be con't...
    Take care!

  2. Just one word of advice...BREATHE!!!!!!!