Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow...I've finally started a blog! This blog is dedicated to all of our wonderful customers out there who have made The Scrappy Appleyard what it is today. Without you and your support we couldn't have become what we are today.

As 2010 starts we are hoping to share with you, what it is like being on the road, with all its ups and downs, sharing with you the wonderful people we meet as well as what it is like to run a Quilt Shoppe and also what I do as a designer to get my inspiration. Sprinkled with this and that of what is going on in the family seeing you have met most of them on the road. We hope to tickle your fancy, keep you inspired in your own projects and become closer as a Quilting Family as we take this journey together!                                   

                                My grandson keeping me from my work!
 Stephen  (my son) manning the booth....much to his chagrin!!!
More On the Road Booth Pictures.

Me and Sweet Hubby 
The Designing of Whimsy Lane


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