Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Pattern: Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

My poor honey...not only did he totally tear down the booth at the Rocky Mtn Quilt Festival for me....I begged him to take pictures of
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe... 
while it was hanging under good lighting. And.....he didn't forget!!
The Quilt
Close-up of the Hearts and Ribbons

I thought I'd posted pictures of this quilt in progress...
but can't seem to find them in my blog posts...
so back to the camera....
Trying out backgrounds for the center piece and working with the checkered border.
This was my first basket made with the Dresden Ruler
My new basket...liked it much better.

At This point I became stuck. Enter Marla!!
Close-up of the sign
Close-up of the Ribbon and Mistletoe
To pre order this pattern
go to our website @
The Scrappy Appleyard 

If you want to see more or the Design Process 
 Click Here!

Until next time my Quilting Buddies....
Happy Stitching!


  1. What a gorgerous quilt...and what a sweet hubby!

  2. You do such beautiful work! I wrote in one of your other blogs that I am sure thinking about your strawberry block on the mystery quilt but I have all these know how we quilters can be! Ha!
    Where do you find time to blog--I love reading it none the less!! Keep writing!

  3. Love the new pattern. I love your blog Claudia

  4. Let us know how the biopsy went.