Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm still working on the post for my new Mystery Block of the Month that I am going to share with you....I still have to take some more pictures. So today I thought I would go through my camera and share some pictures of quilts that I've enjoyed seeing at shows over the last few years.
My husband wanted to buy this quilt for me from David Taylor...seeing I love goats so much. The price??? Only $13,000
So that's all for now. Until next time....Happy Quilting!!


  1. John'aLee, what a pleasure to meet you. I just spend the last hour reading about you and your life and admiring your quilts. I am in awe.
    And I am delighted you came to over to 'find' me first. :)
    I am at a loss for words with all your beautiful designs and your process!
    Thank You so much... I will certainly be back when the shock wears off a bit! :)
    With much admiration from faraway Cyprus,

  2. Now that is one expensive quilt....loved the pictures...

  3. I don't understand why you wouldn't buy a $13,000 quilt! Whoa...Can you imagine anyone being able to buy it? I know there are people out there that would with no problem at all, I just can't imagine it.

    I'm going to try my hand at a little applique for my Peeps quilt. Very little. I'm nervous...

  4. Hi John'alee...First I wanted to say that I saw that Goat quilt and WOW!!! $13,000 ....It was very nicely done... Second .. I just love you blog with the roses ... The new look is very nice... Great job... :)

  5. What a magnificent picture show!
    I love each and every one of the quilts especially the red one.
    Love the BOM you did for the shop too.
    I am not a quilter but I do love to stitch little houses into my cross stitch projects :)