Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspiration.....Tattoos???? Have I lost it?

Never in a million years did I think I would consider tattoos as art. But when my three girls all came home with tattoos and I got over the shock and rage, I decided to try and understand why they were doing what they were doing. Imagine my shock when I realized it meant something to them. That it is a part of the younger generation's culture whether we want to accept it or not.

The picture above was posted to my daughter Ashley's My Space page and I literally thought she was up in the mountains with her back turned and that she had a t shirt on. NOT!! Her whole back is tattooed. That is how I found out about it. To say the least I was devastated.

I asked her to write out why she did it and here it is:
"We are desperate for guidance, we are looking for direction, open our ears." -Still Remains (This is what it says on her back.)
These come from the lyrics of a Christian Hardcore band that broke up about 2 years ago. This was a very influential statement for me at the time
I was feeling lost, and in need of guidance spiritually.  In tattoo form, it was also a way for me to incorporate my love for music,
and my love especially for the piano. This was one of the first hardcore bands I fell in love with, and they were the first
band I had heard that meshed hardcore with beautiful piano intros."

For all of you out there who have met and fallen in love with this little 'angel' of mine....I bet you never would have guessed her back was covered in this!

So to help me understand...tattooing....which before disgusted me...I started watching LA Ink and Miami Ink on TLC. I was not prepared to come close to understanding  it let alone learn about 'art'. I even learned things to help me in my own art. This was humbling for me. And although I still wouldn't consider a tattoo for myself...I am not quite so jaded.

True tattoo artists not only learn the art of tattooing but there is a lot of 'art' history lessons they need to know and religious icon history as well. They also need to have a gift to 'draw'. To watch some of these artists freehand tattoos on people is nothing short of amazing. It is like watching a painter in his element.

My littlest....Tory....the black haired beauty you all know from working in the shoppe with us and on the road, came home with 2 big stars on her chest. Now that was a hard one to take...because she can't cover it up. (She now regrets it)
But when she came home with "God's Will" tattooed on her wrist pointing outward I had to know the reasoning behind it. 
She said, "Mom it reminds me to do God's Will."   "Then why is it pointing outwards? " I asked.

She responded " Well, when I give the customers back their change, they can read it and know and be reminded to do God's Will too."

My child....always has a ready answer for everything.

So I am learning in my middle years to not judge right off the bat. But to sit back...take it all in...and try to keep an open mind. I never know where my inspiration will come from next. 

Until next time....Happy Quilting!


  1. My son has one largish tattoo across the top of his back which he got as soon as he was 18 (it had to be his decision and I wasn't going to sanction it!). Was that the same as when I reached 16 and had my ears pierced when I didn't need permission any more??? I don't know! I'm not keen on tattoos really. My DD would never have one(I think)but both of her female cousins and my sister have a few each. She hasn't been tempted yet and neither have I!!

  2. Unconditional love, huh, Mom? We love despite and because. I'm afraid I stand on the same side of the fence as you, but that is in my feelings towards tats, and my age. Hugs from one who tries to understand both sides, too, Pokey