Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buttercream Summer (First Block in our New Mystery Block of the Month called Strawberry-Li-Cious)

Whew....it's done. I literally invested more than 250 hours into this one block. I promise....it won't take you gals that long. I just had so much to learn. And it was by trial and error the finished product is finally done!!

Here are some close ups. (I had a hard time getting a good photograph of this. The Guitar Man even brought in overhead lights and tried to help me. In other words...the photos don't do the block justice)
Now to share the 'Process' with you:
The Preliminary Sketch

 After the sketch was done, I started commissioning fabrics. I played around with lines from Fig Tree:
And if you remember my post that showed you my first sketch for this block...
Which started out like this:
And then became this:
But let me tell you what was wrong with all of this:
The basket wasn't symmetrical...I didn't like the strawberries, the flowers were crying out for help...I didn't like how the flowers ate into the handle...and I felt it needed to be bigger.
So back to the drawing board:
And after a few drafts I completely made over the block:
Added a flange around it....
and still realized my strawberries needed some work.
Another whole block?? Geez....Louise! Was I ever going to get this thing  right?
And finally...yesterday....I took the last stitch:
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