Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Block Fabric Example

I was asked to post pictures 
of the red, white and blue colors
for these quilts.

I pulled some fabrics
and whipped up a few blocks tonight
to show you all.
To see how this block is made.
It gives the cutting instructions...
I figured out the rest from there.
Not the best directions...
but it's a start!
I am humbled by all of your response.
Thank you ever so much!


  1. Thanks sweetheart - I'll pull colors in the morning!

  2. Thanks for the pics showing the colors and the link to the star pattern. Going through my stash tomorrow. I will be making some blocks. This is a wonderful thing for you to do!

  3. Oh thanks, John'aLee. I was just going to "Google" star blocks today. This will really help me. I'll be starting on these tomorrow!



  4. I ordered my fabric and can't wait to get started...thanks for these links....

  5. I was very touched by your posts and just now I posted about it using copy/paste from your blog, to reach out to my readers. I will search through my stash to see if I have suitable fabrics to make a block too. This is the link to my blog: http://adayatatime2.blogspot.com if you wish to read my post.
    I cannot imagine the pain Tory must be suffering. My heart goes out to her and also to you, her friend.

  6. Just came over from Judy at Shade Tree Quilting...will be joining in on this quilt. My prayers are with this family and you both.

    Pat (wife of Army Veteran)

  7. I sure hope I have that muted-kind of fabric so I can get started with my Stars for John'aLee. I have also borrowed your Fallen Soldier to post as I had not read that before. Please send address for mailing. judyandmartyn@nc.rr.com Judy C

  8. Just came over from Sew I Quilt and I'll be working on a few stars. I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying for you and your family as I make each star.

  9. Really love those fabrics. Perfect in the stars.