Monday, October 25, 2010

Who in their Right Mind does this to themselves????

Plans a major move across country...

Packing up Sewing Supplies...

Boxes and more Boxes...

Sewing, Hobby Home, Countryside Magazines to sort through....

Final Boxes in the Sewing Room

All while getting thousands of dollars of inventory ready...
for the biggest show of the year...
Houston Quilt Market...

Pillowcase Kits and Cut Yardage...

Tory working away on a Meet Me In Paris Kit...
See the labels on the left side? Yes...all of our kits are labeled. A pain to do...but our customers love it.

Ahh....Piles and Piles of Scraps left....
Fabric Packs Ready To be Loaded in the Trailer

Bolts and Bolts...emptied...
All of this work is taking place out back here in our Historical Granary
AND have a deadline to get a new
block out for 
Mystery Block of the Month..

I'm even going to show you where I slave
away on this new block...
my bedroom...

Now really girls??

What INSANE person....
would SHOW...
pictures to the whole world
of this?

Even her unmade bed???

You all see my booth at shows...
and think everything looks perfect...

Just wanted you to see...

what really goes on behind the scenes.

Nope! I'm far from perfect!!


the Truth is out....


Now go and have a good day....
and get a lot of Stichin' done!!



  1. Oh my! Hang in there and hopefully find some time for sleep too! Best wishes in Houston and in the move as well. The new kits look inspiring!

  2. Have fun at the show, sure wish I could go...

  3. LOL - I do hope you get to SLEEP in that bed as well!!! I'm in awe of your energy!

  4. Ooooo!! Have fun at the show! Looks like you did lots and lots of work :)
    Any idea what you'll be using your scraps for?

  5. Ahhhh John'aLee! Now I feel normal!!! LOL... thank you for sharing your madness with us, I've had a smile on my face through reading your honest accounts... and wish you all the best both at the Quilt market and for your move! How exciting! I hope you will share some photos of your booth with us?!!

    Hugs from Australia!
    Vikki xx

  6. Hugs from another "mover". I feel your pain. And am so thankful that I'm not getting ready for a quilt show on top of moving!

  7. thank you for sharing that you're normal.
    really. i mean that. ;o)


  8. I can't begin to imagine moving across the country much less getting ready for a quilt show! You are normal!! I do hope you get some sleep!

  9. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving such a nice comment!

    Well, they say if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person and it sure sounds like you're super busy. That's an understatement actually. Looks more like you're on the verge of being absolutely nuts to me!!

    I love your blog and will visit again regularly!

  10. Wow! So glad to find your blog. I love the quilt at the top of your blog. It is beautiful. I'll be following closely to see what comes next.

  11. Wow! So glad to find your blog. I love the quilt at the top of your
    blog. It is beautiful. I'll be following closely to see what comes next.

  12. I missed you at Paducah this year, maybe I can make it to Houston and visit. Either way, I enjoy your blog and love that you are secure enough to show the normal and crazy side of things! :D

  13. I can't even imagine how you are getting it all done. I wish I cold help!

  14. Ha ha.......I think you ARE mad!!! But it all looks very organised (apart from the bed!) Good luck with it all. If I started sorting through a pile of mags that high I'd get so distracted and be there all week!!!
    Teresa x

  15. Okay send me one of each!! Hahaha! I wish!
    Bless your heart I do hope you can rest come 2011!! Wishing you many sales at the BIG SHOW!!

  16. Have loads of fun at market! Thanks for visiting me!~ now that I found you, I am following you. :-)

  17. You are ONE BRAVE WOMAN! I truly love that beautiful shabby fabric! Hope the move and show go well! I'm your newest follower on GFC. Come on over to the farm when you get a chance!
    God bless and take care!

  18. There is no "like" button on this!! You and dad will have a blast in Tennessee. Be safe in your travels.