Friday, October 15, 2010

Having Fun at the Show!

Tory helping us to get ready for PIQF.
 What a day Tuesday was...
We pulled into Panguitch late Monday night...
had to wake up at 6 am. to go pick up
my daughter from...
the country club on the hill!
Oh to give her a hug,
after 4 long months 
of only talking to her through a window. 
Tory and I having dinner at Tusca.

She immediately went to work
helping us.
It was a good thing we had help...
We didn't leave town until 5 p.m.
and then literally drove all night...
pulling into Santa Clara CA
at 5 am Wednesday morning.
Wow! I refuse to do that again!
I'm getting too old for this.
We grabbed a few hours sleep
down to the convention center...
to start setting up.
Our new 'Meet Me in Paris' kits!
My Winter Roses Rag Quilt Pattern
Goodies...and more goodies!
I've gotta run....
Another day at the show!


  1. So glad you got to give your daughter a hug!
    I could just sit and look at your booth all day long. Are you going to have a quilt shop when you move?

  2. I bet that was lovely being able to hug your daughter! She's so beautiful. I hope you get some rest soon!

  3. What a gorgeous booth set up! Everything looks perfect!

  4. John'aLee, this is Luckypup Quilter here :-) It was so fun to meet you Thursday. Your booth looked beautiful and the Buttercream Summer looks even more fun in real life. Love the fabrics I found at your booth. Hope your energy keeps up with this weekend. It's an amazing quilt show!

  5. Hi John'aLee... How great for you to have such a lovely daughter, and willing to help you out... I am happy for you to get to see your daughter as well, and to get some daughter time in ... I just love you booth... You always set it up so lovely... I could spend all day there... By the way, I just started my "Meet Me in Paris" quilt... :)